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A Pastoral Ministry major or minor assists you in exploring the questions, "How can I make a difference while living out my commitment to my faith?" "How can I best prepare to serve those in need in our contemporary world?" Pastoral ministry may take the form of a role within your faith community, or may reach out to the wider world.

Studies in this field can help prepare you for service in parishes or church communities, in the areas of religious education, social concerns, liturgy, parish administration, or children's, youth, or young adult ministry. It can be a step toward graduate level studies (M.A., M.Div., D.Min., Ph.D.) in ministry or in religious studies. You may choose to pursue this course of study because you are already involved in ministry and wish to benefit from deeper preparation for it.

The Archdiocese of Detroit encourages those who feel called to ministry to pursue an academic degree program. Most of the employment opportunities posted on its site call for the minimum of a bachelor's degree in pastoral ministry or a related field.

Degrees Offered


Student Success

Pastoral Ministry Alumna Katelyn Dekoski

Katelyn Dekoski

A Nolan Award recipient, Katelyn graduated from the Pastoral Ministry Program in 2014. She has not allowed a disability to prevent her from living out her vocation to ministry. She is involved in Alpha and in hospice spiritual care, and hopes to help revitalize several of her parish’s programs, especially RCIA.

“My education has given me a great working knowledge of theology and of the different spiritual traditions in the world, a great help when one is meeting with a dying patient of another faith/religion. Knowing theology has helped me be able to share its meaning with others and help them in their own journey of trying to understand. I enjoyed my classes most that challenged my thinking and opened my mind to new ideas.”


Religious Studies

Religious Studies  explores the “big questions” at the heart of our existence, theological questions that lead to reflection upon the divine revelation to humankind, that opens the door to a deeper relationship with God. 

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Philosophy  uses the gift of human reason to explore the “big questions” about the nature of reality and the human person, about human meaning, purpose, and values, about the nature of God, and about how to live.  

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Faculty Bios

Jane E. LinahanAssociate Professor and Director

Ph.D., Marquette University

M.A., University of Detroit

M.A., University of Pittsburgh

B.F.A., University of Detroit



Jane E. Linahan

Dr. Linahan joined the Madonna family in 2013 and serves as the Director of the Religious Studies and Philosophy Programs and the Master of Arts in Pastoral Ministry Program. Prior to coming to Madonna, she was a visiting associate professor at Saint Bonaventure University in Western New York for five years. For seven years prior to that, she was a member of the faculty of St. Francis de Sales Seminary in Milwaukee, where she served as the Interim Academic Dean for one year. She completed her Ph.D. in Religious Studies at Marquette University, with a concentration in Systematic Theology and secondary emphases in Biblical and Historical Theology.

Her theological interests are in the areas of Christology, Trinitarian theology, theology of the Holy Spirit, Christian Anthropology, Creation, early Franciscan theology (particularly Bonaventure), and questions regarding the relation of God to the created order. Her doctoral dissertation dealt with several of these areas through the lens of a theology of kenosis (the divine self-emptying), which she has continued to explore in subsequent articles.

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Rev. Charles M. MorrisAssistant Professor

M.U.P., Wayne State University

M.Div., St. John Provincial Seminary

M.A., University of Michigan

B.A., Oakland University


734-432-5562, 2416

Rev. Charles M. Morris

Rev. Morris has been a full time faculty member of Madonna University in the Religious Studies and Philosophy Programs and the Master of Arts in Pastoral Ministry Program since 2013. Prior to his full time status Rev. Morris served as adjunct faculty at Madonna from 2010 to 2012. Rev. Morris is a priest of the Archdiocese of Detroit.

Rev. Morris' research interests include: environmental justice, sustainability education and comparative healing modalities. Rev. Morris' awards include: Michigan Green Leader, Green Burial Council Leadership Award and the 2006 Rolling Stone Magazine Honor Roll.

Rev. Morris has taught over 16 different courses at Madonna. Among his favorite courses are: sustainability, environmental ethics, Western Religion and Sacraments.

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