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This new Bachelor of Science degree provides a value-based career pathway for those who want to improve health care quality, safety across all settings. Health Sciences graduates will demonstrate empathy and compassion toward vulnerable populations, consistent with the Madonna's values of respect for the dignity of each person, solidarity with the poor and social justice. Graduates will employ health promotion and advocacy theories as the field of health care transforms and new roles evolve.

This innovative, interdisciplinary major has two distinct tracks. The Population Health Care Management track prepares graduates for careers in care management, care transitions coordination, health promotion, and patient education. Graduates of the Health Care Informatics and Quality Systems Management track will be able to recognize issues that exist across the health care continuum related to transparency in reporting errors and positively impact a culture of safety and quality in our current health care delivery system.

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Health Sciences Faculty Bios

Mary E. MitschProfessor, Chairperson Health Sciences Program

Nursing Edu./Maternity Nursing, B.S.N., Villa Maria College of Nursing/Gannon Univ.

M.S.N. University of Pittsburgh

Ph.D., Wayne State University


734-432-5841, Room D-120

Mary E. Mitsch

 Dr. Mary E. Mitsch is a Nurse Anthropologist and Professor in the College of Nursing and Health and the Director of the Health Sciences program. She joined the full-time faculty of the Madonna University College of Nursing and Health in 1993 after teaching part-time maternity nursing clinical for the college since 1990. She is the lead faculty in the area of population health care management, teaching health promotion and navigating the US Health Care System for the health sciences undergraduate program. She also holds status as a graduate faculty member in the Graduate Nursing Education Certificate program. She is an end-of-life researcher and presents nationally on her research area of interest related to ritual activity and meaning making during sudden death events. Her other research interests and expertise include qualitative research methods especially, auto ethnography and narrative.

Dr. Mitsch is committed to service both at Madonna University and in the community in which she lives serving on various committees and review boards. At Madonna University, she has received two prestigious awards: the University Faculty Excellence Award for Teaching Effectiveness and Innovation, and the coveted Faculty Excellence Award from graduating seniors.

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Linda J. NikpourAssistant Professor

A.S., North Iowa Area Comm Coll

A.S., Macomb Community College

B.S.N., University of Iowa

M.S.N, University of Colorado

D.N.P., Waynesburg University


734-432-5453, D-120-C

Linda J. Nikpour

 Linda Nikpour is an Assistant Professor in the Health Sciences Program and she has joined the faculty of Madonna University in 2016. She is the course facilitator for Professional Role Development, Internship in Health Sciences 1, Quality and Clinical Transformation, and Safety across Healthcare Settings. Her research interests are healthcare data analytics working with Big Data for Population Health. She is board-certified in Nursing Informatics and certified as an Associate within The Health Information Management Systems Society (HIMSS).

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Rachel MahasAssistant Professor

B.S.M.T., Armstrong State University

M.P.H., Armstrong State University

M.S., Wayne State University

PhD., University of Toledo


734-432-5780, Room D-123

Rachel Mahas

Dr. Rachel Mahas is an Assistant Professor in the College of Nursing and Health and joined Madonna’s full-time faculty in 2016. Her Ph.D. studies in Health Education were completed at the University of Toledo in 2016. She completed her Master of Science degree in Basic Medical Sciences at Wayne State University and Master of Public Health degree from Armstrong State University.

Her research interests include: health disparities, psychosocial determinants of health, infectious disease epidemiology, and community-based participatory research.

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Health Sciences Staff Bios

Sara Foos

Sara FoosAdvisor & Retention Specialist
Health Sciences


734-432-5491, Office - 1400I

Sara Foos

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