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Social Work & Sociology Faculty

Dr. Bart Miles Dr. Bart Miles | Bio
Department Chair, Social Work Program and Sociology
Associate Professor & Field Education
B.S.W., Dordt College
M.S.W., Arizona State University
Ph.D., Arizona State University
Dr. Michelle ProctorMichelle M Proctor | Bio
Sociology Program Director
Co-Director of Humane Studies
B.S.W. & M.S.W., University of South Florida
Ph.D, Wayne State University
734-432-5300 ext. 2467, room 1223
Dr. Gerald Charbonneau
Adjunct, Sociology
B.A. Portland Satate College
M.S.W., Ph.D., Wayne State University
Dr. Andrew DomzalskiDr. Andrew Domzalski | Bio
Professor, Program Director ESL, MATESOL and Co-Director of Humane Studies
M.S. Psychology, Warsaw University, Warsaw, Poland
M.A. Pastoral Ministry, Marygrove College
Ph.D. Reading and Language Arts, Oakland University
Cathryn FabianCathryn Fabian | Bio
Assistant Professor, Social Work
B.A., M.S.W & Ph.D., University of Michigan
734-432-5300, ext. 5781, room 2215
Dr. Samantha HallmanIrena Glover | Bio
Assistant Professor, Social Work
B.A., University of Detroit Mercy
M.S.W & Ph.D., Wayne State University
Ph.D., Walden University
734-432-5300, ext. 5569, room 2222
Dr. Samantha HallmanDr. Samantha Hallman | Bio
Assistant Professor, Social Work
B.A., M.S.W & Ph.D., University of Michigan
734-432-5300, ext. 5567, room 2217
Dana Michelle Holcomb Dana M. Holcomb
Adjunct, Assistant Professor, Social Work
BSW Madonna University
MSW Michigan State University
734-432-5553, room 2100
Ms. Janice King, LMSWMs. Janice King, LMSW | Bio
Assistant Professor, Social Work
Program Field Education Director
B.A. & M.S.W., Wayne State University
734-432-5300, ext. 5565, room 2218
Kelli Marks Kelli J. Marks, LMSW, PhD | Bio
BSW Program Director, Social Work
Assistant Professor
B.A., University of Michigan
M.S.W., University of Michigan
Ph.D., Oakland university
734-432-5300, ext. 5568, room 2224
Cristina Michel Tucker
Assistant Professor Social Work
BA Occidental College
MSW California State Univ
PHD Wayne State University
Sarah Jo Twitchell Dr. Sarah Jo Twitchell | Bio
Assistant Professor, Social Work
B.A., University of Toledo
M.S.S.A., Case Western Reserve University
Ph.D., University of Toledo
734-432-5300, ext. 5498, room 2210

Dr. Bart Miles

Dr. Bart Miles is the Chair of Social Work & Sociology. He joined the full time faculty of Madonna University in 2012 from Wayne State University. He completed his doctoral degree in 2003 and his MSW in 1998 at Arizona State University. His interests include treatment of children and adolescents, at-risk urban youth, homelessness/poverty, and qualitative methods. He is actively engaged in the social work community through a variety of activities including serving on boards, consulting with agencies, grant writing, and non-profit evaluation. His research has been mixed methods research primarily with homeless adults and youth.

Dr. Miles has expertise in various qualitative methodologies, including: participatory action research, visual ethnography, discourse analysis, interpretive methods, and computer assisted data analysis.

Andrew Domzalski

Dr. Andrew Domzalski is the Director of ESL (English as a Second Language and MATESOL (Master of Arts in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) Programs. He also co-directs the Master of Science in Humane Studies Program. He joined full time faculty of Madonna University in 1999, the same year he completed his Ph.D. in Reading and Language Arts at Oakland University. He holds an MS in Psychology from Warsaw University and an MA in Pastoral Ministry from Marygrove College. His interests encompass topics in both TESOL and Humane Studies. In TESOL he focuses on application of linguistic theories to ESL teacher preparation and ESL grammar and reading pedagogies. In Humane Studies he explores scientific and societal factors determining human conceptualizations and treatment of animals as well as application of humane education across curriculum. Dr. Domzalski has presented and published in both areas of his interest and he teaches mainly graduate courses in linguistics, ESL pedagogy, and humane studies. For nearly a decade he has been involving students in service learning through collaboration with the Detroit Zoo.

Cathryn Fabian

Cathryn Fabian joined the Social Work faculty at Madonna University in 2017 as an Assistant Professor. She earned both her MSW (Community Organization/Community and Social Systems) and her Ph.D. (Social Work and Psychology) from the University of Michigan. Prior to coming to Madonna, Dr. Fabian was a lecturer at the University of Michigan and at Eastern Michigan University, and was also a research associate at the University of Notre Dame. Her practice experience includes working with homeless and elderly populations, and in community-based program development and evaluation. Dr. Fabian also has expertise on the role of service learning in higher education, particularly as it relates to cognitive and career development.

Irena Glover

Irena Glover, Ph.D., LMSW, joined the Social Work Department at Madonna University in August 2017 as an Assistant Professor. She earned a BA in Developmental Psychology from the University of Detroit Mercy in 1998. She went on to earn her MSW in 2000 from Wayne State University. In 2016, Irena earned her Ph.D. in Human Services with a specialization in Family Studies and Intervention Strategies. Prior to arriving at Madonna, Irena worked in various settings, including Children’s Hospital of Michigan and the Family Reunification Program. She also has experience with nonprofit and program development. Her interests include parenting education, father engagement, working with at-risk children and youth, intergenerational issues such as poverty and teenage pregnancy, and individual and family counseling.

Dr. Samantha Hallman

Samantha Hallman joined the faculty at Madonna University in the fall of 2017 as an Assistant Professor of Social Work. Prior to that time, she held a variety of teaching and research positions at the University of Michigan, including a Postdoctoral Assessment and Evaluation position at the Center for Research on Learning and Teaching; a Graduate Student Instructor for several courses in both Social Work and Psychology; and Research Assistant positions at the Institute for Social Research, the School of Education, and the Department of Psychology. In addition to those roles, she was a Research and Evaluation Manager at the non-profit Weikart Center for Youth Program Quality. She received a B.A. in Psychology with Honors in 2006, a Master's in Social Work in 2008, and a Ph.D. in Social Work and Psychology in 2015 from the University of Michigan. Broadly speaking, her research interests lie in understanding the "achievement gap" and bio-psycho-social models of intervention aimed at ameliorating it. Her dissertation explored the role of self-regulatory strength, in conjunction with expectancy and value, in explaining differences in levels of homework completion as a function of race and socioeconomic status.

Kelli J. Marks

Dr. Kelli Marks is the BSW Program Director in Social Work. Kelli joined the full time faculty of Madonna University in 2016 and has a Master’s in Social Work from the University of Michigan (2000) with an emphasis in interpersonal practice and children and youth and received her Ph.D. in Educational Leadership from Oakland University in 2015. Her research focused on the importance of student engagement of academic outcomes, concentrating on minority male achievement.

Kelli worked previously in juvenile justice before entering adult corrections and was employed as a corrections officer with female inmates for several years; she also has 15 years of experience working with adult felons in Oakland County.

Janice King

Janice King, LMSW, joined the Social Work Department at Madonna University in 2004 as an adjunct assistant professor. Ms. King earned a MSW in Social Work (organizations and communities) and a BA, in Humanistic Studies at Wayne State University. In August 2014 she became the new Field Education Director for the Social Work program and continues to teach practice method courses in groups and families, and organizations. Ms. King was previously the Program Manager for the National Resource Center for Adoption at Spaulding for Children, supporting States, Tribes and Territories with relevant practice information in the area of public child welfare adoption, child and family well-being, disproportionality and adoption support and preservation services.

Dr. Michelle M. Proctor

Dr. Proctor’s career includes work as a medical and gerontological social worker, community organizer, and applied sociologist. Having served as Chair of the Sociology Department since 2007, she now serves as Program Director of the Social Work and Sociology Department and Co-Director of the Humane Studies Program (one of only two Humane Education Programs in the US). She has guided the Sociology Program to become one of the few Applied Sociology Programs in Michigan with an emphasis on community-based service-learning campus initiatives.

Dr. Proctor’s research areas include social inequality, social and environmental justice, environmental sustainability, and animal welfare. In addition to teaching students at the Livonia campus, she teaches at the MU Southwest Detroit Women’s Educational Empowerment Program (SWEEP) Center as well as Haitian Students in the MU Haiti Educational Leadership Program (HELP). Her work is aimed at engaging students in community service and research. She has secured grants enabling numerous student-faculty research projects, many of which have resulted in student-faculty presentations at local and national professional conferences, including the American Sociological Association (ASA). She currently serves as Chair of the Animals and Society Section of ASA. Her favorite courses are those that engage students in community-based learning.

Sarah Jo Twitchell

Sarah Jo Twitchell holds her LISW-S license in Ohio and joined the Social Work faculty in August 2016 as an Assistant Professor. Dr. Twitchell earned her MSSA from Case Western Reserve University and her doctorate from The University of Toledo. Before arriving at Madonna University, Dr. Twitchell has also taught social work courses at Owens Community College and Glenville State College in West Virginia. In addition to teaching at the college level, Dr. Twitchell serves as a consultant to various non-profits in the areas of development and grant writing. She has held numerous positions in Toledo area agencies focusing on homelessness, poverty, education and faith-based services.