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Nursing Faculty

Nancy A O'ConnorNancy A. O'Connor | Bio
Professor & Interim Co-Dean
B.S.N., Madonna University
M.S.N. & Ph.D., Wayne State University
734-432-5461, Room D-117
Catherine GriffinCatherine Griffin | Bio
Professor & Interim Co-Dean
B.S.N. & M.S., University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
Ph.D., Wayne State University
734-432-5460, Room D-119
Vicki AshkerVicki Ashker | Bio
Assistant Professor
B.S.N., M.S.A., Madonna University
D.N.P., Oakland University
Certification, American Association Critical Care Nursing
Certification, On-line Faculty Instructor
734-432-5480, Room D-125
Diane M Burgermeister Diane M. Burgermeister | Bio
B.S.N., University of Michigan
M.S.N. & Ph.D., Wayne State University
734-432-5472, Room D-141
Janice Cecil Janice Cecil
Assistant Professor
B.S.N. & M.S.N., Eastern Michigan University
(734) 432-5492, Room D-137
Tracey E Chan Tracey E. Chan | Bio
Assistant Professor
B.S.N., Oakland University
M.S.N., Madonna University
Nurse Educator Certificate, University of Detroit Mercy
734-793-2464, Room D-120C
Mary Ann Cherenzia
B.S.N., Madonna University
734-432-5563, D-122C
Patricia A Clark Patricia A. Clark | Bio
Associate Professor
B.S.N., Mercy College of Detroit
M.S.N., Wayne State University
D.N.P., Oakland University
734-432-5830, Room D-120B
Cheryl DotingaCheryl Dotinga | Bio
Associate Professor
B.S.N. & M.S., University of Michigan
734-432-5467, Room D-107
Marissa Ferrari
Associate Professor
B.S.N. & D.N.P., Oakland University
M.S.N, University of Phoenix
Certificate, Excellence in Leadership
(734) 432-5468, Room D-167
Jaclyn FontaineJaclyn Fontaine
Assistant Professor
B.S.N. & M.S.N., Oakland University
734-432-5864, Room D-133
Mallory Fox
Assistant Professor
B.S.N., Hope College
M.S.F.N.P., D.N.P.(c), University of Michigan
(734) 432-5779, Room D-161
Rebecca GibbsRebecca Gibbs | Bio
Assistant Professor
B.S.N., Madonna University
M.S.N. & Ph.D., Wayne State University
734-793-2463, Room D-120A
Patricia A Hanson Patricia A. Hanson | Bio
B.S., Brigham Young University
M.S., University of Utah
Ph.D., University of Rochester
734-432-5458, Room D-112
Jeanne M HeatlieJeanne M. Heatlie | Bio
Associate Professor
B.S.N., Mercy College of Detroit
M.S.N., Madonna University
Ed.D., Northcentral University
734-432-5473, Room D-135
Paula Hebert
B.S.N., Wayne State University
M.A., Siena Heights University
(734) 432-5456, Room D-127
Erin Horkey
B.S. in Biology, Oakland University
B.S.N., Oakland University
M.S.N., Lourdes University
734-432-5452, Room D-103
Victoria M IndykVictoria M. Indyk | Bio
Professor of Nursing
B.S.N. & M.S.N., Madonna University
Ph.D., Wayne State University
734-432-5450, Room D-139
Ann Marie KnoerlAnn Marie Knoerl | Bio
RN-B.S.N. Degree Completion Coordinator, Assist. Prof.
B.S.N., Madonna University
M.S.N., Wayne State University
734-432-5454, Room D-116
Claude W. Lauderbach Jr.
Assistant Professor
B.A., Albion College
B.S.N., Creighton University
D.N.P., Wayne State University
M.S., University of Michigan
734-432-5482, D-108
Gail A LisGail A. Lis | Bio
B.S.N., Mercy College of Detroit
M.S.N., Wayne State University
Post Master's Acute Care Nurse Pract. Cert., Wayne State Univ.
Ph.D., Case West. Reserve Univ.
734-432-5479, Room D-114
Erin Micale
B.S.N., M.S.N., Grand Valley State University
(734) 432-5490, Room D-163
Rachel_Mahas.jpgRachel Mahas | Bio
Assistant Professor
B.S.M.T., Armstrong State University
M.P.H., Armstrong State University
M.S., Wayne State University
PhD., University of Toledo
734-432-5780, Room D-123
Janice MarchildonJanice Marchildon
Assistant Professor
B.S.N., Lubbock Christian University
M.S.N., Texas Tech University School of Nursing
ANP-BC, Madonna University
734-432-5505, Room D-129
Mary E MitschMary E. Mitsch | Bio
Professor, Director Health Sciences Program
Nursing Edu./Maternity Nursing, B.S.N., Villa Maria College of Nursing/Gannon Univ.
M.S.N. University of Pittsburgh
Ph.D., Wayne State University
734-432-5841, Room D-120
Linda J. Nikpour
Assistant Professor
A.S., North Iowa Area Comm Coll
A.S., Macomb Community College
Ph.D., Waynesburg College
734-432-5453, D-122C
Jennifer Reynolds
A.D.N., Henry Ford Community College
B.S.N., University of Phoenix
D.N.P., Wayne State University
734-432-5563, Room D-122-C
Sandra Richards
Associate Professor
B.S., Western Michigan University
M.S., University of Michigan
F.N.P., Andrews University
D.N.P., Madonna University
734-432-5489, Room D-122-A
Kathleen Rittenhouse
A.D.N., North Harris College
B.S. (Special Education-Hearing Impaired), Eastern Michigan University
M.S.N. (Certificate in Teaching), Eastern Michigan University
734-432-5459, Room D-121
Jennifer C. Rohrborn
Assistant Professor 
B.S.N., Oakland University
M.S.N., Madonna University
734-432-5490, D-163
Roxanne Roth | Bio
Assistant Professor
A.D.N., Henry Ford Community College
B.S.N., Madonna University
M.S.N., Eastern Michigan University
D.N.P., Madonna University
734-432-5863, Room D-159
Kinjal K. Talati
Assistant Professor 
A.S., Schoolcraft College
B.S.N., Madonna University
D.N.P., Wayne State University
734-432-6010, D-121
Patricia Tillman-Meakins Patricia Tillman-Meakins | Bio
Assistant Professor
B.S.N. & M.S., University of Michigan
Ph.D.(c), University of Michigan
Adult NP
734-432-5329, Room D-109

Undergraduate Nursing Admissions

Linda SmithLinda Smith | Bio
Nursing In-Take Advisor
B.A., Madonna University
B.B.A., Western Michigan University
734-432-5718, Room D-105

Graduate Nursing Admissions

Sandro Faber-BermudezSandro Faber-Bermudez
Graduate Nursing Admissions Officer & Nursing Data Specialist
B.A., University of Michigan
734-432-5407, Room D-100
Laura ArnoldLaura Beck
Academic Advisor and Retention Specialist
B.S.E., Baker College
M.A., Madonna University
734-432-5491, Room 122-B


Nursing Office Staff

Samantha Lowry Samantha Corliss
Coordinator for Health Data and Clinical Placement
B.S., Eastern Michigan University
734-793-2466, Room D-122

Roxanne Roth

Dr. Roxanne Roth is an Assistant Professor in the College of Nursing and Health. Dr. Roth joined Madonna’s full time faculty in 2016. She completed her DNP work at Madonna University in 2016 with a focus on communicating with comfort among advance practice nurses. Prior to joining the Madonna University nursing faculty, she held leadership and clinical positions in the field of hospice and palliative care, outpatient services and oncology. Her recent experience includes system design and implementation of education, research and innovation strategies. Her research and practice interests include advanced illness management, communication skills at end of life, population health, global health, and nursing education.

Vicki Ashker

Vicki Ashker's research interests include interfaith, diversity, and understanding how social justice and faith interrelate. Other research interests are the science of nursing practice and teaching strategies. Publications in Nephrology Nursing Journal and the Journal of the American Nephrology Nurses' Association. Quantitative methodology, analysis, computer-assisted data analysis. Vicki was awarded the 2007 Nightingale Award in Excellence in Nursing Administration. This award is state recognized. Quality and safety improvement process with data driven support in intensive care units and progressive care units, multi-discipline team approach. community service: Vice-Chairman, Board of Directors, Islamic House of Wisdom, Executive Board Member, National American Arab Nurse Association; State of Michigan, Diversity Council. Ms. Ashker enjoys instructing both administrative/management, theory, and clinical applications. She enjoys teaching students that higher level learning can be fun.

Barbara E. Banfield

My areas of interest are nursing theory and ethics. My scholarly work focuses on the philosophical foundations of Orem's self-care deficit nursing theory and the theoretical development of this theory. I currently teach in the graduate nursing program. In addition to teaching the M.S.N. and D.N.P. theory courses and the D.N.P. ethics course, I teach in the Nurse/Health Educator Certificate Program. I serve as the co-director of Angela Hospice's Ethics Committee.

Diane M. Burgermeister

Dr. Diane Burgermeister has been a faculty member since 2005. She is an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse who specializes in psychiatric mental health nursing. She is also certified as an adult psychoanalyst. She received her doctoral degree in 2003 from Wayne State University and in 2005 completed post-doctoral studies at the University of Michigan in Health Promotion, Risk Reduction. She was awarded a National Institute of Nursing Research grant to pursue these studies which resulted in a paper widely read worldwide titled, "Childhood Adversity: A Review of Measurement Instruments", and was published by the Journal of Nursing Measurement.

In 2009 she was a member of the task force that helped to develop the Doctor of Nursing Practice (D.N.P.) at Madonna University and helped write the grant that resulted in an award titled, "Impacting Health Disparities by Developing Consortium Model for D.N.P. Programs in Partnership with Health Systems", funded by the Health Resources Service Administration.

Dr. Burgermeister teaches courses in mental health and research methods on the undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral levels in the College of Nursing and Health. She enjoys collaborating with students and faculty on research projects and has been active on many University and Department committees.

Tracey E. Chan

Tracey is an adult nurse practitioner and joined Madonna's full-time faculty in 2012. She teaches in the Adult-Gerontology Primary Care Nurse Practitioner program in which she serves as the lead faculty. She continues her clinical practice caring for the underserved 1 day a week at McAuley Health Center in Detroit. She is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in nursing from Duquesne University. Her research interests include competency-based education, clinical readiness, nurse practitioner practice, and weight loss. She is on the board of the Michigan Primary Care Consortium and a member of Michigan Council of Nurse Practitioner, Sigma Theta Tau, and American Association of Nurse Practitioners. She also serves as the faculty mentor for the Madonna University Michigan Council of Nurse Practitioner student chapter.

Patricia A. Clark

Dr. Patricia Clark is an Associate Professor in the College of Nursing and Health. She joined the full-time faculty of Madonna University in 2014. She completed her doctoral degree in 2008 at Oakland University and her M.S.N. in 1996 at Wayne State University. She teaches in the undergraduate nursing program as well as the acute care nurse practitioner tract of the graduate nursing program. Her area of interest includes the care of critically ill adults. She is actively involved in community service with the Health & Wellness committee at her church. Dr. Clark is a member of the following professional organizations: Michigan Certified Nurse Practitioner (MICNP), Michigan Clinical Nurse Specialist (MICNS), American Association of Critical Care Nurses, and Sigma Theta Tau, International.

Cheryl Dotinga

Cheryl Dotinga is a full-time faculty member in the College of Nursing and Health. She joined the faculty in 1982. Cheryl is the course facilitator for the pediatric nursing course and also teaches in the holistic care immersion course and the capstone course for nursing students. Cheryl also serves as a clinical coordinator and works with the ACE system to place all the undergraduate clinical students. Her interests include pediatric cardiac surgery and has worked with children at Mott Children's Hospital in Ann Arbor. Cheryl is also certified as a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner (PNP).

Kathleen W. Esper

Kathleen W. Esper is an Associate Professor in the College of Nursing and Health. She joined the faculty as an adjunct in 1995 having previously taught at Mercy College of Detroit and Wayne State University. She completed her Master's in Community Health Nursing in 1978 at Boston University with a clinical focus on community/population health. Previous employment has been as a public health nurse in both the health department and home care positions. She teaches Community Health Theory and clinical in both the undergraduate and R.N./B.S.N. program. Her interests are in health promotion and clinical prevention. She is actively engaged in several communities through a variety of activities including serving on professional advisory boards, community partnership development, and parish nursing. In addition, Ms. Esper‘s interest is also in nursing education and curriculum development. She has taught the Health Educator Certificate program at Madonna University for the last six years. She has been a longstanding member of the Undergraduate Curriculum and Program Assessment committee. She has presented on both classroom strategies in both community health and nursing education and enjoys her role in clinical coordination and faculty development.

Rebecca Gibbs

Dr. Rebecca Gibbs is an Assistant Professor in the College of Nursing and Health. She has been a full-time faculty member of the University since 2012. Her Ph.D. studies were completed at Wayne State University in 2014. Wayne State University was also where she received her M.S.N. degree in 2003. She is a B.S.N. graduate of Madonna’s nursing program in 2000. She practiced as an Oncology Clinical Nurse Specialist for 10 years in the acute care setting. Her dissertation research focused on oncology patients and falls in the hospital setting, using quantitative methods. She received the American Cancer Society Doctoral Degree Scholarship in Cancer Nursing awarded in the amount of $15,000.00 for her dissertation research.

Catherine Griffin

Dr. Catherine Griffin is the Chair of the Undergraduate Nursing program. In 1991, she began her teaching career as an Adjunct Clinical Instructor in the College of Nursing and Health. She began teaching full-time in 1995 progressing through the academic ranks and was promoted to Professor in 2013. Dr. Griffin earned a Ph.D. in anthropology in 2012. This liberal arts background has broadened her knowledge base on culture as it applies to health beliefs in nursing and medicine. Teaching has encompassed beginning, intermediate, and graduating senior nursing students from the introduction to professional nursing course to the senior capstone seminar. At the graduate level, Dr. Griffin has mentored post-baccalaureate nurses as they earn their health educator certificate. She enjoys partnering with students throughout the educational process to help them successfully achieve their professional goals. Along with teaching, Dr. Griffin dedicated her professional nursing career of almost forty years to the care of childbearing families in the labor and delivery unit of one of Madonna University's partner hospitals. Her research interests relate to ritual practices of women and their families when they experience a sudden fetal death in a labor and delivery unit of an American hospital setting. As a nurse anthropologist, her expertise includes qualitative research methods such as interviewing, participant observation, and text analysis. For the last 24 years, Dr. Griffin is proud to teach, engage in scholarly activities, and live the mission of Madonna University in service to the University and community.

Patricia A. Hanson

Dr. Patricia A. Hanson is a Professor in the College of Nursing and Health. She joined the full-time faculty in 2006. She completed her Ph.D. in 1997 from the University of Rochester in Rochester, NY and her M.S. from the University of Utah in 1983. She teaches in the areas of nursing administration, leadership, and the care of the older adult. Her interests revolve within areas of nursing administration, particularly the phenomena of nurse manager job stress and the issues of change in today's complex health care environment. In the care of the older adult, she is most interested in the challenges associated with chronic illness, as well as expertise in working with older patients from many unique, diverse, religious, and cultural backgrounds. She is also interested in the area of creative inquiry within nursing curricula for both undergraduate and graduate education. Dr. Hanson's publications related to older adults include chapters on the implications of religious beliefs on nursing care of the elderly. She has also published, with her colleagues, on the nursing framework for the graduate program in nursing with her unique contribution related to the concept of creative inquiry.

Jeanne M. Heatlie

Jeanne Heatlie teaches in the areas of adult medical surgical nursing and the health care educator certificate program. Her research interests include patient safety education and medical device misconnections.

Victoria M. Indyk

Sr. Victoria Marie Indyk, Ph.D., R.N. has been a Felician Sister for 47 years. She was born and raised in Detroit and graduated in 1969 from St. Casimir High School in Detroit, MI. As a Professor of nursing at Madonna University, she has 18 years of experience teaching undergraduate nursing students on all levels. She especially enjoys watching the growth of nursing students from being neophytes to becoming professional nurses. She obtained a Nurse Educator certificate in 2008. Her doctoral research was on osteoporosis in postmenopausal nulliparous women-religious and she also completed research on osteoporosis in veiled Arab Muslim women living in Southeast Michigan. Her volunteer services include many years of service to United Neighborhood Initiatives (formerly All Saints Neighborhood Center) in Southwest Detroit and at St. Frances Cabrini Clinic for the poor. She also has coordinated community health fairs with nursing students at various locations including the Costick Center in Farmington Hills and at Madonna University. Having a great love and compassion for the people of Haiti, she travels to Jacmel, Haiti three times per year for Mission Trips with nursing students and faculty from Madonna University to help with healthcare and outreach programs at the Felician Sisters Mission in Jacmel, Haiti.

Ann Marie Knoerl

Professor Ann Marie Knoerl is the R.N.-B.S.N. Degree Completion Coordinator and an Assistant Professor in the College of Nursing and Health. She joined the Madonna nursing faculty as a full-time member 9 years ago after working as an adjunct since 1994. She completed her B.S.N. at Madonna University and her M.S.N. at Wayne State University with a focus on community health. She teaches in the areas of population/community health, care of the older adult and family, and the role of the professional nurse in the R.N.-B.S.N. program.

She has received the “Community Leadership Award” from the Livonia Rotary Club as well as the Paul Harris Fellowship. She is also a recipient of the first Madonna University Franciscan Values Award. Her interests have led to advocating for healthy communities and populations through her involvement as a Community Stakeholder for the St. Mary Mercy Community Needs Assessment, participating as a guest speaker on the “Health Matters" cable series, serving on the Board of Directors for the Interfaith Health and Hope Coalition and a co-author of several articles related to culture and health education.

Gail A. Lis

Dr. Gail A. Lis primarily teaches at the graduate level in the nurse practitioner program. Her teaching responsibilities include courses in the master's core (evidence-based practice), advanced practice core (pharmacology), and adult gerontology acute care clinical program. Dr. Lis also serves as committee chairperson and committee member for a variety of DNP capstone projects. Dr. Lis's clinical area of interest is that of infectious disease and currently practices within the Henry Ford Health System. Through the use of active teaching strategies, Dr. Lis is able to support knowledge development through application of concepts using theory and clinical expertise. Active teaching strategies used are concept mapping, unfolding case studies, simulation, and group work. Research interests are diverse but primarily relate to evaluation of active teaching strategies in both the classroom and clinical setting. Dr. Lis enjoys working with the nurse practitioner students in the capstone class to develop quality projects and providing support for launching into advanced nursing practice.

Mary E. Mitsch

Dr. Mary E. Mitsch is a Nurse Anthropologist and Professor in the College of Nursing and Health and the Director of the Health Sciences program. She joined the full-time faculty of the Madonna University College of Nursing and Health in 1993 after teaching part-time maternity nursing clinical for the college since 1990. She is the lead faculty in the area of population health care management, teaching health promotion and navigating the US Health Care System for the health sciences undergraduate program. She also holds status as a graduate faculty member in the Graduate Nursing Education Certificate program. She is an end-of-life researcher and presents nationally on her research area of interest related to ritual activity and meaning making during sudden death events. Her other research interests and expertise include qualitative research methods especially, auto ethnography and narrative. Dr. Mitsch is committed to service both at Madonna University and in the community in which she lives serving on various committees and review boards. At Madonna University, she has received two prestigious awards: the University Faculty Excellence Award for Teaching Effectiveness and Innovation, and the coveted Faculty Excellence Award from graduating seniors.

Nancy A. O'Connor

Dr. Nancy O’Connor is Chair of the Graduate Nursing program and Director of the D.N.P. program. She joined the full-time faculty of Madonna University in 2000 from Wayne State University. She completed her Ph.D. in nursing in 1995 and M.S.N. in adult primary care in 1980 at Wayne State University. She is a certified Adult Nurse Practitioner (ANP-C) through the American Nurses Credentialing Center and has practiced, taught, and researched advanced practice nursing throughout her nursing career. Her interests include primary health care practice, self-care enhancement strategies in primary care, advanced nursing practice roles and their impact on patient outcomes, standardized nursing intervention language, database elements needed to document the nursing aspects of NP collaborative practice, and quality improvement in health care systems. Her primary areas of inquiry involve the scholarship of teaching and the integration of advanced nursing practice, theory, and research. She has served as D.N.P. project chair for over 18 D.N.P. students since 2009, including many projects that have been published in peer-reviewed journals. She has obtained numerous training grants to support graduate nursing students and programs including an Advanced Nursing Education grant from HRSA to support the start-up of the Madonna D.N.P. program from 2009-2012.

Patricia Tillman-Meakins

Patricia Tillman-Meakins is an Assistant Professor in the nursing program. She joined the full-time faculty of Madonna University in 2014. She completed her master’s degree in 2006 and is currently finishing her doctoral degree at the University of Michigan. She is the course facilitator for health assessment and clinical faculty in the holistic care of the older adult and family course. Her research interests are in the areas of cultural influences on health behaviors among adult women. She has expertise in both qualitative and quantitative methodologies.

Linda Smith

My favorite course to teach is Introductory Sociology, I find it incredibly rewarding and I enjoy working with both freshman and transfer students.

Rachel Mahas

Dr. Rachel Mahas is an Assistant Professor in the College of Nursing and Health and joined Madonna’s full-time faculty in 2016. Her Ph.D. studies in Health Education were completed at the University of Toledo in 2016. She completed her Master of Science degree in Basic Medical Sciences at Wayne State University and Master of Public Health degree from Armstrong State University. Her research interests include: health disparities, psychosocial determinants of health, infectious disease epidemiology, and community-based participatory research.