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Social Studies Plan of Study

Social Studies Major: Bach Arts
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Social Studies Major: Bach Arts


   Major Courses (39 cr. to be chosen)

      ECN 2710   Economics for Human Services 3 cr.  A survey of the discipline of economics with special reference to a market-driven economy. Attention given to economic policy in relation to social issues and problems, including government and the quality of life, distribution of wealth and income, unemployment, poverty, the disadvantaged, respect for the law, public health, and aid to the Third World. (No credit for School of Business majors.) 
      HIS 4520   Economic and Business History of the United States (ECN/HIS*) 3 cr.  Survey of major changes in the American economy, including transportation, industry, labor, finance, and marketing. Role of private business and government in economic change. 
      GEO 1210   Introduction to Geography 3 cr.  Introduction to the basic concepts, terms, and methods of geography, as well as to the physical and cultural regions of the world, the United States, and the State oif Michigan. the course covers the relationship between the diversity of human societies and the physical environment. 
      GEO 3050   World Regional Geography 3 cr.  Regional study of the earth’s realms; cultural and physical factors affecting people; effects of the demographic and industrial revolutions of the world. 
      PSC 1510   American Government 3 cr.  American political structure to include the organization, powers, functions and services of national, state and local government and their interdependence in seeking solutions to contemporary social, economic, and political issues. 
      PSC 3030   International Relations 3 cr.  Analysis of world politics, sources of foreign policy, dynamics of the existing international system, systematic theorizing about future developments. 
      HIS 4960   History and Social Science Seminar (HIS*/SSC) 3 cr.  Theoretical and philosophical foundations of history and the social sciences, including a paper or project reflecting methodological skills. Prerequisite: senior status in the major. 

      United States History (12 cr. to be chosen)

         HIS 2320   United States to 1900 3 cr.  Political, social, economic, and cultural development of the United States; emphasis on the colonial period, the Civil War, and the rise of America to world power. 
         HIS 2760   Michigan History 3 cr.  Significant people and events during Michigan’s long history, including the roles of the Native Americans, the French, the British, the Toledo War, Civil War, Michigan’s economic growth, the Great Depression, the roles of labor and minorities, and discussion of the several state constitutions. 
         HIS 3420   Minority Groups in America 3 cr.  Conflict between the revolutionary ideals of the American dream and the reality of majority-minority group relations from colonial America to the present. 
         HIS 4540   United States in the Modern Era 3 cr.  Development of the United States as a world power and its impact on the social, economic, cultural, and political changes in the contemporary era. 

      History Option (3 cr. to be chosen)

         HIS 1090   Ancient and Medieval World 3 cr.  World history from prehistoric times to c. 1500 C.E., including a study of the ancient and medieval civilizations of global culture realms. 
         HIS 3310   Early Modern World: Age of Discovery and Revolution 3 cr.  World history in the period of European global expansion from the formation of the Spanish and Portuguese Empires in the Sixteenth Century to the end of the Napoleonic Wars, including a study of politics, culture, ideas, and religion of Europe and the World. 
         HIS 3320   Modern World 3 cr.  World history from 1789 C.E. to the present, including a study of modern global culture realms. Special attention is given to global crises and achievements, the Cold War and its aftermath, and global, political, and economic development. 

      Global Studies Option (3 cr. to be chosen)

         HIS 4631   Global Studies: Modern Africa (HIS*/PSC) 3 cr.  Study of selected historical and political problems and themes related to modern sub-Saharan Africa, with attention to relationships with the non-African world. 
         HIS 4632   Global Studies: Modern Asia (HIS*/PSC) 3 cr.  Study of selected historical and political problems and themes related to modern Asia, with an emphasis on China, Japan, and India, and attention to domestic developments and global relationships. 
         HIS 4633   Global Studies: Modern Latin America (HIS*/PSC) 3 cr.  Study of selected historical and political problems and themes related to modern Latin America, with attention to regional and global relationships. 
         HIS 4634   Global Studies: Modern Middle East (HIS*/PSC) 3 cr.  Study of selected historical and political problems and themes related to the modern Middle East, with an emphasis on Arab and Islamic cultures, attention to the non-Arab and non-Islamic dimensions of the region and to global relationships. 
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