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Online Resources for Writers

The Internet Grammar of English
Compiled by the University College London, this site offers a quick tutorial in English grammar for college undergrads. With its array of information, this site is sure to please grammar enthusiasts and the grammatically challenged alike.

English Club
Not to be confused with The Breakfast Club, this website has more information about the English language than you have ever imagined. Here, you will have access to English lesson plans, games, quizzes, and even online video English lessons. All of this could be yours for the very low price of FREE!

Guide to Grammar and Writing
Have you hit a dead end with your writing assignment? Worry no more! This resource puts the fun in functional. Here you will find a plethora of information, all in drop-down menu form that can help guide you through your writing despair.

Writing Resource
Brought to you by Red River College, in beautiful Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, this website brings to the table a slue of helpful PowerPoint presentations, interactive lessons, and even printable worksheets. This site is definitely worth your precious time.

Advanced English Lessons
I know many of you are sitting here wondering, where can I find access to free online newspapers and periodicals? Well, my friend, is your answer. With a sections of helpful handouts and tutorials, this website will instill a newfound passion for prepositions, and the ever-so-popular gerund.

Online Writing Lab
This oft-used Purdue site answers questions on APA, MLA, and Chicago Manual of Style. It covers everything from how to write a paragraph and how to develop an outline to ESL concerns, subject/pronoun agreement, and steps to writing a research essay. There’s a good reason this renowned website is linked to almost every college in the nation.

Assignment Calculator
Do you feel overwhelmed by the many school projects looming over you? With the Assignment Calculator, you can plug in your subject, topic, assignment, and due date, and the Assignment Calculator will help you break it all down into manageable steps. We all need all the help we can get to stay on track!

ESL Online Resources
ESL Online Resources PDF

Go with the flow and check out this site. Part of the larger site, this area provides a collection of PDFs and other files to help you in all aspects of your writing. Check out the graphic organizers for pre-writing activities, outlines for essay writing, and numerous ideas for getting started on your essays and other academic writing assignments.

How to Write an Essay

Part of the huge area on the Web, this short introduction to essay writing provides excellent
advice. Other writing helps are also available from this link.

Activities for ESL Students
This site, maintained by The Internet TESL Journal, features grammar and vocabulary activities contributed by teachers from around the world. Students can also find bi-lingual quizzes in many different languages on this site. Quick tip: Be sure to check out the thousands of quizzes, tests, exercises and puzzles designed to help you have fun while you learn English as a Second Language.

Grammar Quizzes
Need help with English grammar? Click on ENTER when you get to the Grammar Bytes homepage. Then follow the links on the left-hand side of the page for the “Weekly Lesson,” “Grammar Book,” “Vocabulary,” “Tutorials on Reading,” and more. The verb tense tutorials cover everything from the simple present to future present continuous.

YouTube Videos on Writing
Annotated by Cynthia Burgess
How to write a thesis statement
This video attempts to take away the scary part of thesis statements. He puts it very simply in a brief but useful discussion. He changes the name thesis to "what you really want to say about that." He states that there are two parts to a thesis: Thesis = topic + position. I think it is very useful, and the fact that it is short and to the point will help with students' patience.
How to write an introduction to your English paper
This video goes through three steps of making an effective introductory paragraph: Grab the reader's attention, narrow the reader's focus, and create a thesis.  They go through this is a very descriptive and logical way for each part. The information is quite useful, but the narrator's voice is quite boring, and to listen to it for four minutes might be annoying. 
How to write college papers
This video gives some tips on how to write a college paper.  She suggests not procrastinating, getting more and credible sources, writing multiple drafts, stepping away from it for a while, and proofreading.  She outlines why these are important, and ties it all back to needing time and not procrastinating.  It is very coherent and concise. She is easy to listen to, and this would really help students. 
How to use a comma
This upbeat video discusses several rules for commas.  During the discussion, an example is given on a whiteboard. Although there is wonderful information, it went very fast, and students may become lost and confused.
10 Basic Comma Rules
This is about rules for commas. She talks about 10 rules and gives examples of each. This is valuable information. Since she talks through a PowerPoint, it would be good for both visual and auditory learners.

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