Student Senate takes office

April 15, 2016

LIVONIA, Mich. – Madonna University students made history when the first-ever Student Senate was sworn into office today.

Madonna President Michael Grandillo, Ph.D., swore in Senate President Thomas Martin and Vice-president Stefanie Papasoglu, who in turn gave the oath of office to 22 additional students. As a whole, the Student Senate will represent student-athletes, organizations, school spirit, the University’s various colleges, and many more subgroups; several other students are senators-at-large.

In President Grandillo's remarks to the senate members and community, he encouraged students to focus on what was right for the student body, and to encourage everyone – member of the senate or not – to get involved. “You have to have a voice that represents the student body,” Grandillo said. “Keep the excitement that you have today going.”

Martin and Papasolgu then addressed the gathered students, faculty and staff, sharing their enthusiasm for leading the student body, and their appreciation for the support from the campus community.

The Madonna University Student Senate consists of:
President: Thomas Martin
Vice-President: Stefanie Papasoglu
Treasurer: Lauryn Larnhart
Senate secretary: Nicole Carlin
Secretary of Athletics: Dayna Meloche
Secretary of Clubs and Organizations: Kayla Jakel
Secretary of Communications: Nancy Boyd
Secretary of Religion: Kevin Finch
Secretary of School Spirit: Sara Szalay
Speaker and School of Business: Bryan Giczewski
Science and Math: John Carzon
Commuter Students: Rachel Szalay
Resident Students: Ryan Freemantle and Brianna DiMilia
Education: Maria Rigato
Social Sciences: Seth Globke
Transfer Students: Meghan Griesbeck
Nursing and Health: Kaylyn Scott
Graduate School: Ashley (De’La) McClendon
Non-Traditional Students: Dean Herron
International Students: Yago Scalet Pires
Senators at Large: Adam Lindoo, Madelynn Adams and Marwah Ayache