Arts and Humanities Graduates Receive Nolan Awards

May 10, 2016

LIVONIA, Mich. – The College of Arts and Humanities recently honored the crème de’ la crème of its graduates at the 21st Annual Honors Convocation.

There were 15 students who received the Ernest I. Nolan Award for academic excellence in their major. Created in 1995, the award is named after Ernest Nolan, Ph.D., long-time provost and vice-president of academic affairs and professor of English, who retired in 2015. The award is presented to graduates who are selected by Madonna faculty and advisors, based on their overall academic achievement, demonstrated excellence in the fine arts and their service to others in the community.

The Ernest I. Nolan Award for Excellence in the Humanities was presented to the following students:

Wedad Maatouk – Master of Arts, Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages
Miranda G. Ferguson – Broadcast and Cinema Arts
Brandy L. Baloh – Communication Studies
Benjamin W. Karl – English
Jacquelyn Castellese – English/Journalism
David J. Pierson– Fine Arts
Charlie Kee – Graphic Design
Nisrin Makki – Journalism and Public Relations
Brigid E. Behmer – Language Arts
Aaron W. von Allmen – Music
Emily A. Showler – Pastoral Ministry
Lawren K. Dame – Professional and Technical Writing
Natalia Bella Dawn Cappella – Religious Studies
Daniel Mahoney – Visual Arts Education
Catherine M. Crombez – Piano Performance

Also recognized were those graduating with highest honors (3.9 – 4.0 GPA), high honors (3.7-3.899 GPA), and honors (3.5-3.699 GPA):

Highest honors: Patricia N. Alvarado, Brandy L. Baloh, Brigid E. Behmer, Jacquelyn Castellese, Sebastian L. Cosma, Catherine M. Crombez, Miranda G. Ferguson, Rachel H. Goad, David M. Julien, Benjamin W. Karl, Regina T. Pustelak, Andrea L. Reames and Maggie Wunderlich.

High honors: Eric J. Borregard, Joseph L. Calhoun, Natalia B. Cappella, Michael D. Cobb, Chelsey C. Cook, Lawren K. Dame, Anna E. Dreslinski, Amanda E. Duda, Jason F. Harris, Allen G. Jankowics, Lauren M. King, James L. Larmour, Nisrin Makki, Jillian M. Mikolaizyk, Tae-Hun Park, David J. Pierson, Hannah E. Sabol and Michelle Sutherby.

Honors: Kimberly M. Ervin, Gabriel P. McCarthy, Brett T. Romisch, Emily A. Showler, Matthew E. Simpson and Taylor A. Walls.

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