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Several types of students call Madonna University home. Our convenient location and comprehensive academic and student support resources allows students to reach their educational goals.

 Dual Enrollment

The High School Dual Enrollment program provides eligible students the opportunity to earn college credit while attending high school. Students can enrich their education, jump-start college, save money, explore career and personal interests, and access Madonna University resources.

Dual enrollment students are granted the full privileges of any Madonna University student. A special tuition rate of $160 per credit applies to all approved Dual Enrollment registrations. In most cases, the State of Michigan will reimburse the tuition and other related costs.


We welcome guest students. Students attending another college may register for two semesters without completing the official admission process. A Permit-to-Register form can be completed through the Office of Undergraduate Admissions to register as a guest student. Please note that financial aid does not apply to guest students.

 Catholic College Consortium

Students attending Marygrove College, Sacred Heart Seminary, or University of Detroit Mercy may participate in a special consortium arrangement that allows registration at Madonna University while completing degree requirements at your home college. Please note that financial aid does still apply for these students.