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Innovation Ignites Education and Exploration at Madonna University

Resources at Madonna encourage innovative thinking and research

By Meaghan Kangas

Google-GlassAs a student at Madonna University, my ability to study and research effectively has always been the top priority for professors and faculty alike. Whether I am listening to a teacher explain the need for study-time, or utilizing Madonna’s many resources, such as the computer labs, or library, I always know that my academic efforts are supported. That being said, Madonna’s strong devotion to my success has achieved a new standard.

This October I had the pleasure of accompanying Madonna’s Healthcare Informatics class on a field trip to the most polluted area of Michigan. Not only was this field trip incredibly informative and eye opening, Madonna’s School of Business professor, Dr. Phillip Olla, provided me with the opportunity to use a pair of Google’s new technology tool and accessory, Google Glass, to record and collect the information.

I do not consider myself to be a technology expert. A lover of history, I embrace the archaic ways of communication and sometimes find the socially accepted methods used today to be impersonal. However, it is my job as a journalist to get my message to the masses any way I can, and my experience with Google Glass was a positive one, that helps me do just that.

Incredibly easy to use, Google Glass provides a hand-free experience so that the wearer can function fully in other ways, which ensures usability for any person.

To take a picture or a video, you simply tap the side of the rim. To move from one category to the next, just slide your finger backward or forward. You can also use voice commands, which is essential for when your hands aren’t available. Google Glass picks up on your command and completes the task.


Google Glass is a camera, video recorder, GPS and phone. It can accomplish all of the tasks normally achieved on a hand held device. Google Glass can connect to Wi-Fi. Want to visit your favorite website? Need to visit Blackboard and make sure you finished the correct assignment? Google Glass can help.

As a journalist, this device assisted me in the recording and documenting of images and recordings. I was able to attach my Google Glass to my computer with a USB cord and download the information to my computer. The process was incredibly fast and easy.

One thing about the Google Glass is that it is stylish! There are a variety of styles, which includes the most commonly recognized Google Glass design, the Glass Explorer Edition. There is also Google Glass shades, ear buds and frames.


You can choose colors from cotton, sky, shale, tangerine and charcoal.

Google Glass has a high resolution display which equals that of a 25-inch high definition screen seen from eight feet away.

Google Glass has Bluetooth and a full day’s worth of battery life, although some features like video recording might shorten it. Google Glass also has 12GB of usable memory, synced with Google cloud storage. 16 GB Flash total.

The Google Glass weighs about 1.51oz or 43 grams. The camera has 5MP and 720p video resolution.

Wearing the Google Glass was an enriching experience that enhanced my scholarly research.

There are helpful tutorials on-line that instruct the Google Glass user and can inform someone of the benefits of purchasing a pair.

If you are interested in Google Glass, this futuristic item is $1,500 dollars not including tax and shipping.

Madonna is certainly invested in the future of its students and this is a testament to how Madonna University is evolving with the advancement of technology.

If interested in reading my article on the fieldtrip to the most polluted place in Michigan, you can visit the Madonna Herald website at: http://madonnaherald.weebly.com/