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Hospice and Palliative Studies MSHP

Kelly J RhoadesKelly J. Dumler | Bio
Chair and Professor
B.A.A. Central Michigan University
M.A. Michigan State University
Ph.D. Michigan State University
734-432-5478, D-173 krhoades@madonna.edu
Kathleen A AseltyneKathleen A. Aseltyne | Bio
Assistant Professor
Ph.D. Oakland University
M.S. Oakland University
M.S. Wayne State University
734-432-5471, 165 kaseltyne@madonna.edu

Kathleen A. Aseltyne

Dr. Aseltyne is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC). She is interested in how our mental state affects our physical body and the importance of stress reduction and wellness through integrative medical interventions. Her doctoral research focused on the experience of women with Fibromyalgia through phenomenological methodology. Her current interest include treatment of trauma, PTSD, prolonged grief, compassion fatigue and burnout.

Kelly J. Rhoades

Dr. Kelly J. Rhoades is the Chair of the Hospice and Palliative Studies Department in the College of Nursing and Health. Dr. Rhoades completed her Ph.D. in 1994 at Michigan State University, College of Social Sciences, in Family Ecology/Marriage and Family Therapy. She began working specifically with grieving families within hospice bereavement programs in 1987. She has been teaching courses in hospice and bereavement for over 20 years, becoming Department Chair in 1999. Dr. Rhoades enjoys teaching graduate courses in bereavement theory and family systems theory, and supervising graduate students in field placements and capstone research activities. Research interests include grieving family dynamics and the healing potential of transformative grief, using qualitative methodology and narrative study to explore the healing potential, and adaptive aspects of grieving. She is the author of a story book about children’s grief that includes activities for children, and tips for parents, teachers, and counselors. Dr. Rhoades believes that her greatest accomplishment has been that of becoming a mother and sharing the parenting role of their daughter with her husband, Jeff. Her hobbies include freelance writing and photography, sketching, and walking her English Setter.