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Why Study Literacy Education MAT at Madonna University?

  • Enhance employment opportunities with a reading specialist endorsement
  • Small class sizes offer more personal support
  • Highly-qualified professors and instructors
  • Rigorous, respected program
  • Curriculum strongly aligns with state certification requirements

The Master of Arts in Teaching with a specialty in Literacy Education is designed to enable teachers to develop the competencies that qualify them as reading specialists according to the criteria of the International Literacy Association and the Michigan Department of Education. Our program prepares teachers to improve students’ reading and language skills in all content areas. Gain field experience in a variety of district types (urban, suburban, rural) and establish professional relationships. Our graduates also serve as literacy coaches at all grade levels.

Careers   Employers of Alumni
Preschool Reading Education   Public Schools in the Tri-county area, greater Michigan, out-of-state, and overseas
Elementary Reading Education   Private Schools in the Tri-county area, greater Michigan, out-of-state, and overseas
Secondary Reading Education   Parochial Schools in the Tri-county area, greater Michigan, out-of-state, and overseas
Special Education and Remedial Reading Education    
Content Area Education    
Private Reading Clinic    
Literacy Coach    
Education Consultant    
English Learners (EL)    
Alexander DavidsonAlexander Davidson

Why did you choose Madonna University?
What drew me to Madonna University is their off-campus Master’s program that allowed me to pursue my degree in Literacy Education at night in my local area while still teaching high school during the day. I could further my education without having to sacrifice time in a profession I am passionate about.

What do you think makes the experience and education at Madonna special?
I appreciated that a lot of the professors in our classes were also still K-12 teachers during the day. They are experienced in their fields and were able to use their real life examples with children and teenagers to help teach us adults in the classroom. I felt like my professors understood me and my needs as a learner because they taught K-12 just like me.

What have you been doing since graduation, career wise? (graduate school, employer?)
Since finishing my program in December of 2013, I have continued teaching, and I love it. I am currently in my sixth year of teaching freshman and sophomore English at the University of Detroit Jesuit High School and Academy, where I also direct the fall play, coach the nationally-competitive forensics team, and moderate the annual student literary magazine. I have taken these experiences and presented multiple times at teaching conferences at the state and national level about reading and writing strategies in the classroom.

How has your Madonna degree played a role in your current position?
As a teacher, my degree in Literacy Education and my new endorsement as a reading specialist have really improved my instruction in the classroom. I have moved beyond teaching titles to ensure that I am teaching readers and writers. I completely redesigned our pre-freshman summer bridge program for reading skills, and I have created a new elective course in Contemporary Literature at my school to give juniors and seniors a chance to partake in authentic reading and writing experiences with today's authors. I have also successfully coordinated our department's curriculum design and review process to guarantee the best learning for all students across all grade levels. As an author, I strive to create written works that will interest my students and teach them valuable lessons at the same time.

What has been your most rewarding professional or personal experience since graduating?
My most rewarding experience since graduating is the publication of my award-winning young adult novel The Visitor's Choice: A Search to Make Things Right. It is about a reluctant high school reader name David who finds a book that literally takes him to another world. However, when travelling back and forth, he learns that his actions are causing the country to go to war, and it is now up to him to put everything back the way it was. It has a lot to do with choices and consequences, taking responsibility, and (of course) the power of reading.