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Objective 1: Expand the graduate nursing programs of Madonna University (MU) and University of Detroit's McAuley School of Nursing (MSON) through the addition of two post-master’s doctor of nursing practice (DNP) degree programs to prepare nurses at the highest level of practice.

Expected Outcomes
  Results to Date
1.1 Increase in Madonna University graduate program enrollment by 20%
  To date, expected outcomes were met. 22 full-time students were enrolled in Year 1 and 17 full-time students enrolled in Year 2. Recruitment continues for year 3.
1.2 Increase in University of Detroit McAuley School of Nursing graduate program enrollment by 8%
  To date, expected outcomes were met. 12 students were enrolled in Year 2. Recruitment continues for year 3.
1.3 Improve the capabilities of DNP students to provide culturally competent nursing care.
  Madonna University Cohort 1 pre-test and post-test results indicated improved capabilities on all 3 subscales: cognitive, practical and affective.
1.4 Improve the mental health competencies of DNP students working in a variety of advanced nursing roles.
  In progress
1.5 Improve the community engagement competencies of DNP students to reduce health disparities.
1.6 Dissemination of concept papers related to cultural competence, mental health, and social justice content areas as electives in DNP programs.
  Planning. First Annual Research Day planned for April 8, 2011 at Madonna University.

Objective 2
: Develop a partnership model with identified health systems serving underserved and culturally diverse population for DNP practicum experience.

Expected Outcomes   Results
2.1 Establishment of preferred partnership agreements for DNP practicum experiences with at least 2 major health systems in Detroit metropolitan area serving disproportionate numbers of underserved and cultural diverse populations.
  Partnership development with 3 health systems are in progress.
2.2 Targeted organizational problems are addressed by application of DNP student knowledge within partnership health systems.
  To date, expectations were met. Students reported positive practicum experiences with partnership health systems and other placements.
2.3 Increased self-efficacy of DNP students by participation in a mentorship experience within partnership health systems focusing on the needs of the underserved, culturally diverse and/or mentally ill populations.
2.4 Dissemination of organizational projects or DNP research projects within partnership health systems.   All DNP organizational projects from summer 2010 were shared with the host organization. The dissemination of DNP capstone research projects is the planning stage.

Objective 3
: Formation of a consortium model between the two schools to enhance educational quality and student diversity within both DNP programs.

Expected Outcomes
3.1 Increased sustainability of DNP projects within systems through cross-institutional collaboration.
  Not started
3.2 Through the collaboration of Madonna University and University of Detroit Mercy programs, realize economies of scale in course and faculty resources, increased variety of DNP faculty, and increased flexibility in course offering for DNP students across the two programs.
3.3 Increased interaction between DNP students from a variety of cultural and ethnic backgrounds, and variety of advanced nursing roles within the consortium.
   Not started

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