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Environmental Safety and Health Program Plan of Study

Environmental Safety and Health Program: Cert Comp
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Environmental Safety and Health Program: Cert Comp


   Certificate Courses (17 cr. to be chosen)

      FS  3690   Fire Protection Systems II (FS*/OSH) 3 cr.  Principles of use and design of special hazards fire suppression systems; halons, halon replacements/clean agents, dry chemicals, foam, and alarm and detection systems. Prerequisite: MTH 1050 or its equivalent. 
      OSH 1020   Standards and Regulations 3 cr.  OSHA/MIOSHA/NFPA standards, codes, and regulations. Rationale for the Williams-Steiger Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970. Evolution of standards, record-keeping, compliance, and enforcement. 
      OSH 3110   Industrial Safety and Health (FS/OSH*) 3 cr.  A study of numerous job-related safety and health hazards associated with a wide range of occupations in industrial work environments. 
      OSH 3210   Construction Safety 2 cr.  Study of factors in building structures and in use of tools and materials that cause accidents. Application of regulations and standards of Michigan Department of Labor - Construction Division. Development of safety awareness to prevent or reduce accidents on construction sites. 
      OSH 3220   Inspection and Survey of Facilities (FS/OSH*) 3 cr.  Safety and health hazards, both common and unique to various kinds of occupancies, including residential, industrial, and commercial. Includes surveying procedures, hazard recognition and evaluation, and the application of appropriate measures to assure maximum life and property safety. Prerequisite: OSH 2150 or consent of advisor. 
      OSH 3980   Industrial Hygiene II 3 cr.  Techniques of instrumentation and sampling. Hands-on training in use of instruments to measure and evaluate occupational health hazards by taking samples or surveying noise level, heat exposure, oxygen deficiency, combustible vapors, ventilation, as well as toxicology and radiation sources, along with protective measures to cope with hazards for their prevention and control. Prerequisites: OSH 3520, CHM 1110; BIO 2250, or BIO 2450 and BIO 2460, or NSC 1250. 
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