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MSN/MBA Nursing Administra / Business Administra Plan of Study

MSN/MBA Nursing Administration / Business Adminstration
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MSN/MBA Nursing Administration / Business Adminstration


   Program Requirements (61 cr. to be chosen)


      Nursing Core (15 cr. to be chosen)

         NUR 5010   Professional Foundations for Advanced Roles in Nursing 3 cr.  The professional foundations of advanced roles in nursing. Examination of nursing as a profession and practice discipline, ethics, scope of practice, and roles of graduate-prepared nurses. 
         NUR 5050   Leadership in Health Care Systems 2 cr.  Leadership skills and responsibilities of nurses in advanced roles in health care delivery systems and organizations. Analysis of the theoretical and contextual basis for effective interprofessional, collaborative, and team-based relationships. 
         NUR 5120   Health Policy and Advocacy in Advanced Nursing Practice 2 cr.  Knowledge and skills in advanced nursing practice that help shape the health care system and advance values such as social justice through policy processes and advocacy are examined. Legal and political aspects of the health care system and partnerships to improve societal health outcomes are explored. 
         NUR 5150   Translating&Integrating Scholarship into Advanced Nursing Practice 3 cr.  The methods, tools, performance measures, and standards related to quality improvement and research. Integration of theory, evidence, clinical judgment, research, and interprofessional perspectives using translational scholarship. Prerequisite: MTH 2350 or equivalent within past five years. 
         NUR 5480   Theoretical & Scientific Foundation for Advanced Nursing Practice 3 cr.  Analysis of nursing and other theories from the humanities and related sciences that are used in advanced nursing practice roles, with a focus on selected grand and middle-range theories and concepts related to teaching and learning, epidemiology, genetics, and health promotion. Prerequisite or corequisite: NUR 5010. 
         NUR 5860   Impacting Change through Advanced Nursing Practice 2 cr.  Examination of multiple theories of change and their relationships to the practice of nursing within an interprofessional environment. Exploration of change principles in relationship to health care organizational systems, leadership, quality improvement, and safety. Prerequisites or corequisites: NUR 5050, NUR 5150 and NUR 5480. 

      Advanced Core (10 cr. to be chosen)

         ACC 5320   Essentials of Health Care Financial Decision Making 3 cr.  Essential topics of accounting, finance, and economics for health care professionals in a variety of settings. Emphasis placed on the skills needed to obtain, justify, and manage fiscal resources to influence day-to-day performance and decision making to assure long-term survival of health care organizations. 
         BR  5200   Essentials of Research 1 cr.  The focus of the course is to make sense of research, find meaning in one’s particular discipline, and to develop the skills to critique research literature. The course prepares students for future research courses by presenting the conceptual basis of design and decisions regarding statistical analyses. Students will be expected to search and obtain current research literature through use of library databases. 
         MIS 5230   Health Care Informatics 2 cr. (Not To Exceed 3 cr.)  Presentation of applications of informatics systems to nursing and healthcare practitioners: hardware, software, databases, communications applications, computer developments, and associated legal and ethical issues. Students learn to assess, develop, and use nursing and health information systems to work more efficiently, allocate resources more effectively, and improve client care. Nursing administration students register for 2 cr.; non-nursing students register for 3 cr. Prerequisite: CIS 2380 or equivalent and experience in the health care field. Corequisite for nursing administration students: NUR 5230. 
         MKT 5160   Essentials of Marketing 3 cr.  The study of marketing concepts, terminology, and applications, with special emphasis on the marketing mix relationships: e.g., product, price, promotion, and distribution; global marketing, target marketing, and integrated marketing. Study of the role and operation of marketing functions and their influence on the organization both internally and externally. 
         NUR 5230   Applied Nursing Informatics 1 cr.  Application of theoretical knowledge of information systems/technology to bring to the forefront the value-added component of nursing to the health care enterprise is the focus of the practicum. Prerequisite: Admission to the Nursing Administration program. Corequisite: MIS 5230. 

      Specialty Curricula (36 cr. to be chosen)


         Business Administration (21 cr. to be chosen)

            BL  6040   Legal Issues in Business 3 cr.  An examination of the nature of the legal environment and issues that confront business managers. Emphasis is given to the operation of the US legal system, including international aspects, and the underlying issues as they relate to the decision functions of management. Topics include the adjudicatory process, antitrust, contract law, entity selection, and other contemporary issues. 
            INB 6080   Global Business Perspectives 3 cr.  Examination of many issues confronting managers engaged in international business; Particular emphasis is placed on trade and management issues which are analyzed with a political, economic, social/cultural, technological, environmental, legal, and historical contexts. 
            MBA 6450   Business Research 3 cr.  Introduction to the developmental steps for the MBA capstone project. Students develop a research project concept, propose a strategic management challenge, or formulate plans for an entrepreneurial business as it pertains to the student’s career path. Research processes and their application in business, both qualitative and quantitative methods, are covered. Taken in the final year of the student’s MBA program as preparation for MBA 6950. Prerequisite: BR 5210. 
            MBA 6950   MBA Capstone 3 cr.  Full development of the approved capstone project. The strategies set forth in the proposal are put into action: developing a research concept, solving a strategic management challenge, or launching an entrepreneurial business. Primary data using quantitative and qualitative methods are a required part of the project. Oral and formal presentations are required. Taken in the final semester of the MBA program. Prerequisite: successful completion of all foundation and core MBA courses, inclusive of MBA 6450 or NUR 5670. Corequisite for Nursing Administration students: NUR 6310. 
            MGT 5590   Ethics in Leadership 3 cr.  Ethical issues and dilemmas facing managers and employees within a business context. Students explore and analyze business ethics relating to the nature of work within the corporation (particularly as it relates to the development of the corporate culture) and in society at large. Through the analysis of case studies, relevant philosophical theories of justice, autonomy, community, and identity in relation to business are introduced. 
            MGT 6300   Organizational Theory and Behavior 3 cr.  A comprehensive analysis of organizational theories from historical and contemporary perspectives, focusing on how they inform our understanding of behaviors in various organizational settings. Topics include: conflict management, personality and attitudes, motivation, groups and teams, leadership, power, ethics, workforce diversity, structure and organizational design, organizational culture, and decision making. 
            MKT 5790   Marketing Strategy 3 cr.  Application of strategic management and planning approaches to achieve organization-wide marketing objectives. Specific topics include methods of market analysis and decision making in local and multinational business markets, and strategic marketing in the digital-age. The course includes case analysis and group projects. Prerequisite: MKT 5160 or one undergraduate marketing course. 

         Nursing Administration (15 cr. to be chosen)

            NUR 5670   Nursing Quality Practicum 1 cr.  In collaboration with a preceptor, during the practicum the student will identify, negotiate, and participate in the implementation or evaluation of an evidence-based nursing practice change to promote quality/safety outcomes. Prerequisites: MIS 5230, NUR 5150, NUR 5230, and admission to a Nursing Administration program. 
            NUR 5807   Selected Topics: Economics and Financing of the Nursing Enterprise 3 cr.  The development of business and financial acumen to assure that cost-effective nursing care is meeting both quality and financial goals within an organization. The economic context of the nursing enterprise is explored in terms of how current reimbursement mechanisms will affect the future of nursing across the care continuum. Prerequisite or corequisite: NUR 5010, NUR 5050, NUR 5120, NUR 5150, NUR 5480, NUR 5860; ACC 5320. 
            NUR 6000   Nursing Administrative Practice in the Complex Health Care Environment 4 cr.  This course builds upon a multiplicity of nursing and business theories and principles related to the complex health care environment. Interprofessional leadership competencies, issues, and trends will be analyzed related to nursing leaders’ departmental/system-wide accountabilities to health care consumers. Effective strategies for addressing the complexities of the health care environment that influence practice are included in the practicum. Prerequisites: ACC 5320, NUR 5050; prerequisites or corequisites: NUR 5150, NUR 5860. 
            NUR 6100   Operational Accountabilities for Outcomes in Health Care 5 cr.  This course provides an opportunity for the nurse leader to examine unit level/team operational processes, and effective interventions to assure organizational viability and meet needs of consumers and other stakeholders. Competencies addressing a variety of organizational outcomes are included in the practicum. Prerequisite: NUR 6000. 
            NUR 6310   Nursing Administration Integration 2 cr.  This course affords the student the opportunity to examine and develop knowledge and competencies in relation to roles and responsibilities of nurse administrators. The major focus of the practicum experience is to synthesize evidence to inform the design, modification, and/or implementation of a project that promotes a healthy work environment that addresses service mandates. Prerequisite: NUR 6100. 
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