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MS Health Services Administration Plan of Study

MS Health Services Administration | MS Health Services Admin Required Prerequisite Sequence
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MS Health Services Administration


   Program Requirements (36 cr. to be chosen)


      Foundation Sequence (10 cr. to be chosen)

         BR  5210   Quantitative Methods for Business Research 3 cr.  Introduction to the practical uses of quantitative and qualitative statistical methods and their applications in business. Emphasis is placed on the collection, analysis, interpretation, and explanation of the data using statistical software. Prerequisite: BR 5200. 
         HSA 5300   Health Care Decision Making 3 cr.  An examination of managerial and operational responsibilities in a variety of health care settings. Managing human resources, regulatory compliance and fiscal opportunities and constraints within the health care industry. The role of organizational dynamics and their impact on operations and ultimately the delivery of effective and efficient patient care. 
         MGT 5220   Fundamentals of Leadership 1 cr.  An exploration of the foundations of leadership theories and contemporary approaches to leadership practiced in today’s organizations. Students are required to complete an online assessment to measure personal leadership potential and competencies. In addition, students explore analytical tools and library resources needed for successful completion of graduate studies. 
         MIS 5580   Technology Management 3 cr.  Focuses on the use of information systems technology by managers and professionals to improve: organizational performance, project management, personal productivity and competitive advantage. Utilizes different case study scenarios, along with data analytics expertise for effective decision-making. 

      Core Curriculum (21 cr. to be chosen)

         ACC 5320   Essentials of Health Care Financial Decision Making 3 cr.  Essential topics of accounting, finance, and economics for health care professionals in a variety of settings. Emphasis placed on the skills needed to obtain, justify, and manage fiscal resources to influence day-to-day performance and decision making to assure long-term survival of health care organizations. 
         HSA 6030   Applied Health Care Economics 3 cr.  Evaluation of supply and demand for health care services using analysis from varying economic models. Emphasis is placed on productivity evaluation as these models answer questions related to quality of care, efficiency, and cost containment. Economic market structure, profits, and market power are evaluated. Government intervention and regulation in health care markets are analyzed. Prerequisite: ECN 5170. 
         HSA 6040   High Performance Health Service Delivery 3 cr.  The development of a comprehensive performance management system studied by applying best practices of high performing health care organizations. Content areas include: recruiting, orienting, selecting, setting performance expectations, evaluating performance, productivity, and dismissal practices; developing and training employees. Prerequisite: HSA 5300. 
         HSA 6050   Marketing for Improved Health Service Delivery 3 cr.  The application of marketing process planning concepts to solve problems related to patient satisfaction and health service quality in various health care settings. Special attention is paid to communications strategy and the public image of the entire health service organization. 
         HSA 6060   Legal Issues in Health Care 3 cr.  Examination of the nature of the legal environment and issues that confront the health care industry. Risk management policies and procedures within the organization are examined as they relate to insurance, federal, and state laws. 
         MGT 5570   Strategic Management 3 cr.  Integration and application of the core disciplines of business to enable students to develop effective decision-making skills. Tools and techniques for developing leadership strategy in view of corporate policy and competing stakeholders’ needs and interests are explored. The case study method, strategic plan development and analysis is applied to a cross-section of firms and corporate entities. 
         MGT 6220   Operations Management 3 cr.  Study and application of operations management principles in manufacturing and service industries. Analyze the management of input through transformational processes to deliver output. Examine the impact of management decisions on the day-to-day running of a company. Review of current literature on the tools and methods employed by the operations managers to manage resources, human capital, plants, and facilities. Develop broad-based expertise in forecasting, process/product design, scheduling, inventory management, statistical process control, and quality management. 

      Capstone (5 cr. to be chosen)

         BR  6430   Managerial Research Design 3 cr.  A capstone research course in which students apply knowledge from previous course work to develop a research project proposal including the introduction, literature review, and methodology chapters. Students select, develop, and formulate a plan of analysis for their chosen research topic within their specialty discipline. Taken in the final year of the student’s program. 
         BR  6840   Project Research Study 2 cr.  A capstone research course in which students independently complete a faculty-guided research project. Prerequisite: BR 6430. 
MS Health Services Admin Required Prerequisite Sequence    

   Prerequisite Requirements (10 cr. to be chosen)

      ACC 5150   Financial Accounting 3 cr.  Fundamental principles of external financial reporting emphasizing the accounting concepts, procedures, and standards that guide the preparation, interpretation and reporting of financial accounting information. 
      ECN 5170   Analysis of Economic Conditions 3 cr.  Examination of the overall mechanics of the national economy: components of national income, relationship to the global economy; money, banking, and the central bank; economic cyclical fluctuations; economic growth theories; government’s role in a modern economy; monetary and fiscal policy. Emphasis is placed on current economic conditions, with discussion of national economic policy formation and desirable policies. The impact of international trade and financial flows on the national economy is also explored. 
      MKT 5160   Marketing Essentials 3 cr.  Study of marketing concepts, terminology, and applications. Study of the role and operation of marketing functions and their influence on the organization both internally and externally. 
      BR  5200   Essentials of Research 1 cr.  The focus of the course is to make sense of research, find meaning in one’s particular discipline, and to develop the skills to critique research literature. The course prepares students for future research courses by presenting the conceptual basis of design and decisions regarding statistical analyses. Students will be expected to search and obtain current research literature through use of library databases. 
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