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MAT Literacy Education Plan of Study

MAT Literacy Education
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MAT Literacy Education


   Program Requirements (33 cr. to be chosen)


      Core Courses (24 cr. to be chosen)

         RDG 5110   Foundations of Literacy Education 3 cr.  Analysis of the cognitive, linguistic, sociological, cultural, and psychological theoretical orientations of the reading/writing process. Emphasis is on developing a critical philosophy of literacy learning as a foundation for all reading programs as well as linking fundamental reading research and methodologies to instructional designs. 
         RDG 5170   Early Literacy Development 3 cr.  Study of relevant research and theory in the area of emergent and beginning literacy development; effective instruction of children at these early stages of development; administration of assessments to monitor student performance and provide effective instruction; and design and implementation of the various critical components of a balanced literacy program for the pre-K-3rd grade. 
         RDG 5210   Developing and Assessing Literacy Programs Elemen & Secondary Schools 3 cr.  Study of the organization, planning, management, evaluation, and developmental scope and sequence of effective classroom reading and writing programs. Includes knowledge of state and national standards for reading instruction, requirements for meeting individual learning needs, and criteria for selecting materials to support instruction. Recommended prerequisite: RDG 5110. 
         RDG 5310   Content Literacy in Elementary and Secondary Schools 3 cr.  Study of the teaching, learning, and assessment strategies contained in effective instruction in content area learning in all subjects, at all grade levels. Includes knowledge of contextual factors that influence decision-making. Prerequisite: RDG 5110. 
         RDG 5330   Integrating Children's/Adolescent Literature in the Curriculum 3 cr.  Investigation of the body of literature available for students, K-12. Presents criteria for selection, methods of integrating literature into the curriculum at all grade levels, and strategies to provide formalistic and sociocultural readings of text. 
         RDG 5350   Language Development: Linguistic Foundations of Literacy 3 cr.  Investigation of the major theories of language development in children and the implications for cognition and literacy acquisition. Attention to the dimensions of oral and written language, including linguistic knowledge, cognition, language performance, and cultural and environmental factors that promote language difference. 
         RDG 6530   Diagnostic Procedures in Reading 3 cr.  Study of the psychology of reading, the nature of reading disability, and the nature of individual differences. Focus on diagnostic techniques, formal and informal assessment procedures, designing remedial programs to meet individual and group needs, preparing case studies and reports. Prerequisites: RDG 5110, RDG 5170, RDG 5210, RDG 5310. 
         RDG 6850   Literacy Coaching and Leadership 3 cr.  Prepares teachers and reading specialists to apply relevant research, theory, and best practices in the areas of adult learning, professional development, and literacy coaching to effectively support K-12 schools and classroom teachers in improving literacy instruction, assessment, and student learning. 

      Clinical Experience (6 cr. to be chosen)

         RDG 6930   Practicum in Reading Intervention 3 cr.  A supervised clinical practicum focusing on the evaluation of students with reading/learning problems. Emphasis on the design, implementation, and assessment of remedial programs to meet individual students’ needs, and the communication of pertinent information to students, parents, and teachers. Prerequisites: completion of required course work and permission of instructor. 
         RDG 6940   Practicum in Program Development (School-Based) 3 cr.  A supervised school-based practicum designed to prepare classroom teachers as Reading Specialists. Emphasis is on instructional differentiation, implementing learning objectives, organizing and managing programs, assisting classroom teachers, evaluating students, and communicating effectively with all members of the school community. Prerequisites: completion of required course work and permission of instructor. 

      Capstone (3 cr. to be chosen)

         RDG 6950   Seminar: Issues in Literacy Education 3 cr.  An in-depth examination of current major issues in theoretical processes and classroom practices that inform the ongoing debate in reading/writing education. Emphasis is on the research pertaining to the historical and theoretical perspectives of each issue, their implication for teacher preparation, school program development, and community involvement in diverse populations. Prerequisites: completion of required course work and permission of instructor. 
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