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Grad Cert Hospice and Palliative Studies Plan of Study

Grad Cert Hospice and Palliative Studies
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Grad Cert Hospice and Palliative Studies


   Certificate Requirements (16 cr. to be chosen)

      HSP 5005   History, Philosophy and Practice of Hospice&Palliative Care (HSP*/NUR) 2 cr. (Not To Exceed 3 cr.)  Examination of historical, religious, social, and cultural perspectives of serious illness and end of life care. Emphasis is on the evolution of the hospice and palliative care philosophy and how it is incorporated across the life cycle in various settings through interdisciplinary care, including the role of government and professional organizations in the development and provision of quality end of life care. Nursing students in AP Hospice and Palliative Care tracks register for 2 cr. All others register for 3 cr. Prerequisite or corequisite for nursing students: NUR 5010. 
      HSP 5010   Dimensions of Bereavement: Theory, Research, and Practice 3 cr.  Identification and examination of current and emerging bereavement theories, emphasizing transdisciplinary clinical application with grieving individuals and families. The grieving process as a progression of coping, management, and growth through significant losses and life transitions. Skill development in designing effective coping strategies that facilitate healing in families and communities. Intended for persons desiring to work in palliative/end-of-life care settings and related health care and human service fields. Corequisite or prerequisite: HSP 5005. 
      HSP 6000   Advanced Holistic Palliative Care 3 cr.  Examines the provision of comprehensive holistic palliative care for patients with advanced illness, the terminally ill, and their families. Multidimensional aspects of pain and suffering and the impact on the patient/family and hospice interdisciplinary teams are discussed within theoretical and practical perspectives. Synthesizes requirements needed for the delivery of quality end of life care within a complex health care system that includes hospice and other models of palliative care delivery particularly relevant for hospice administrators and leaders. Communication strategies and practices are examined as they relate to advanced/terminal illness, ethical patient care, dying and death. Prerequisite or corequisite: HSP 5005. 
      HSP 6010   Ethical and Legal Issues in End-of-Life Care 3 cr.  Development of a framework for analyzing ethical and legal issues in the delivery of care and decision-making on a continuum of care from serious illness to end-of-life. Includes the examination of cross-cultural beliefs and practices related to end-of-life care as a basis for ethical decision-making. Addresses the role of ethics committees in resolving ethical dilemmas including the responsibilities of ethics committee members and consultants. 
      HSP 6020   Practicum I 4 cr.  Concurrent seminar and practicum experience involving the synthesis of hospice concepts and theories related to selected roles and functions as performed by the interdisciplinary team in end-of-life care delivery. Students gain practice skills and competencies needed to contribute to high quality end-of-life care through a supervised practicum within a hospice and palliative care setting. Prerequisites: HSP 5005, HSP 5010, HSP 6000, HSP 6010. 
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