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MA Higher Education Administration Plan of Study

MA Higher Education Administration
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MA Higher Education Administration


   Program Requirements (36 cr. to be chosen)

      EDU 5010   Gateway: Foundations of Higher Education 3 cr.  The foundational history and philosophy of the profession of higher education administration in United States post-secondary education. An overview of the organizational structure, functional units, and administrative relationship of personnel services in colleges and universities. The variety of roles administrative professionals play on college campuses and in different institutional cultures. The ways that college environments affect the educational experience and personal development of diverse student populations. 
      EDU 5060   Research and Educational Practice 3 cr.  A focus on the knowledge and skills needed by educators to understand, evaluate, and use research. Critical analysis of the major principles of teaching and classroom learning. Applying research skills to researching and critically analyzing recent trends and traditional theories in the field of education. 
      EDU 5120   Student Development Theory 3 cr.  Major bodies of theory and research related to college student development in higher education and the contexts in which that development occurs. The history and nature of student development theory, how it is and has been created, used, and modified. How to locate, synthesize, and apply student development literature related to real-world issues in higher education administrative practice. Students apply existing theory to their actual experiences and consider additional ways of looking at those experiences. 
      EDU 5270   College and University Leadership 3 cr.  Examination of traditional and contemporary issues confronting college and university leaders, the building of leadership skills, and succession planning. The principles and dynamics of group interactions and processes/strategies for working with groups in higher education settings. Students develop a leadership profile and learn skills to effectively engage others, manage conflict and change, and build and sustain productive relationships. Emphasis on learning how to resolve moral and ethical questions prevalent across the spectrum of higher education. 
      EDU 5340   Organization, Governance, and Administration in Higher Education 3 cr.  Organizational and management theory as it relates to issues in higher education, with exploration of the culture of higher education institutions. Conceptual models of colleges and universities as large, complex systems, and application of these models to real institutions’ contexts and problems. The distinct, overlapping, and sometimes conflicting roles and responsibilities of particular administrative positions within a college or university. How change occurs in institutions and how that process can be conceived, designed, and implemented. Prerequisite: EDU 5010. 
      EDU 5670   Professional Practicum I 3 cr.  Experiential learning in colleges and universities. Study of the civic roles of post-secondary education institutions, contemporary philosophies, and practices of service to the broader community. Students work with an experienced practitioner as a supervisor, and program faculty as instructor, to examine their experience in seminar format and through a reflective portfolio. Prerequisites: EDU 5010 and EDU 5270. 
      EDU 6120   Impact of College on Students 3 cr.  The impact that college has on students, both during college and in their lives afterward, explored through various conceptualizations, models, and literatures concerned with explaining and/or examining student outcomes, and the methods employed to translate these concepts into practice. Factors that influence college student retention, including student characteristics, college experiences, and institutional support. Consideration of questions surrounding college impact; desired consequences of college; how higher education promotes student persistence, retention, and ultimately graduation. Prerequisite: EDU 5120. 
      EDU 6340   Law and Public Policy in Higher Education 3 cr.  Examine public policymaking processes, the roles of the state and federal governments in relation to higher education, selected current public policy issues, regulations and legislations, and institutional accreditation standards. Legislation including Title IX, Clery, Higher Education Act (HEA) and the American Disabilities Act (ADA) are discussed. Legal decisions on constitutional freedoms, non-discrimination, individual and institutional rights and responsibilities, and institutional liability are analyzed. Explore institutional responses to compliance and risk management. Prerequisite: EDU 5010. 
      EDU 6350   Finance and Higher Education 3 cr.  Explore issues related to federal, state, and private sources of revenue including endowment, grants, financial aid, capital funding and institutional advancement. Discuss organizational budgeting and the influence of finances on administrative practice. Learn about financial issues related to the cost of attendance, financial aid and student indebtedness, access and opportunity. Prerequisite: EDU 5010. 
      EDU 6480   Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion 3 cr.  Historical, contemporary, and research aspects of diversity and equity in post-secondary education: access and participation, campus climate, curriculum, and outcomes. Information, concepts, policies, and controversies related to gender, racial, ethnic, sexual orientation, socio-economic, ability, and religious differences among students, faculty, administrators, and other employees. Emphasis is placed on critical reading, writing, and class participation. The array of post-secondary educational environments and the administrative competencies necessary to ensure academic equity. Critical stance development is cultivated throughout the course. Prerequisite: EDU 5120. 
      EDU 6670   Professional Practicum II 3 cr.  In-depth experiential learning within a functional unit providing services to students. Students take on professional responsibilities in a functional area of a college or university to apply ideas from course work and readings to the practicum setting. Concepts of leadership, management, and innovation are integrated with career development to achieve professional goals. Prerequisites: EDU 5010 and EDU 5270. 
      EDU 6970   Higher Education Research Project 3 cr.  Integrating material from prior course work and experiences through the assessment and evaluation of a program or unit at a college or university. Students draw on theory and research regarding institutions and students to design a project leading to original research and the presentation of findings and recommendations for practice. The experience is designed to replicate a professional situation of problem-solving as an incoming manager. Prerequisites: EDU 5060, EDU 5670, EDU 6670. 
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