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Grad Cert Effective Inclusionary Practices Plan of Study

Grad Cert Effective Inclusionary Practices | Grad Cert Effective Inclusionary Practices Prerequisite
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Grad Cert Effective Inclusionary Practices


   Certificate Requirements (10 cr. to be chosen)

      SED 5500   Methods of Teaching Students with Mild Disabilities 3 cr.  Overview and analysis of special education practices based on current learning theories and research findings related to teaching students who experience high incidence learning and behavior problems. Review of specific procedures for planning via IEPS and delivering instruction in both academic and nonacademic areas. Specific topics addressed include social skills development, prevocational and vocational training, general curriculum modification, and accommodation strategies. 
      SED 6090   Formative and Summative Assessment for Instruction 4 cr.  Application-oriented, hands-on experience in the use of formative and summative assessments to facilitate the creation of evidence-based instructional practices and their impact on specialized strategies for students with special needs. Examination of the purpose, statistical foundations, and application of assessment results within the context of instructional design and teacher growth. 
      SED 6220   Consultation and Collaboration 3 cr.  An overview of the staff and parent interaction roles and responsibilities of the teacher consultant in inclusive settings. The distinct and differentiating characteristics of consultation and collaboration are delineated, and extensive guided practice opportunities are afforded to students in both areas. Inter-agency collaboration strategies are presented and students review and discuss selected pieces of broader ranging organizational change literature. 
Grad Cert Effective Inclusionary Practices Prerequisite    

   Prerequisite Requirement

      EDU 3300   The Exceptional Learner in the Classroom 3 cr.  Development of a working knowledge of the historical perspective of present special education programs, the effects of litigation, and the continuum of special education services. Identifying, evaluating, and differentiating instruction for students with special needs by way of a continuum of services in the least-restrictive environment. Response-to-intervention; positive behavior support; collaboration with school personnel and parents; community resources. Fifteen-clock-hour field experience required. 
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