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Grad Cert Criminal Justice Leadership Plan of Study

Grad Cert Criminal Justice Leadership | Grad Cert Criminal Justice Leadership Required Prerequisite
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Grad Cert Criminal Justice Leadership


   Certificate Requirements (9 cr. to be chosen)

      CJ  5100   Legal and Ethical Issues in Criminal Justice Administration 2 cr.  An examination of the nature of the legal environment and issues that confront managers and administrators in a criminal justice agency: the underlying legal process and issues as related to the decision functions of managers and administrators; the adjudicatory process (civil, administrative, and criminal); contract law; and other contemporary issues. Emphasis is given to the operation of our legal system, including an examination of employment issues, such as discrimination, administrative agencies, civil liability, and vicarious liability. Emphasis on the ethical administration and application of authority to both internal and external entities. 
      CJ  5220   Labor Law Issues in Criminal Justice Management 2 cr.  Examination of various labor law issues as they relate to law enforcement/criminal justice management. Focus on public sector labor relations, specifically the Public Employment Relations Act (PERA), with some historical references to general labor laws on a national level, i.e., National Labor Relations Act. The course also includes applicable arbitration decisions. 
      CJ  5300   Advanced Criminal Justice Administration 3 cr.  An examination of the functions of the police, court, and corrections in the Criminal Justice System; concepts and principles of organizational structure; concepts and principles of administration; and management with an emphasis on budgets, change, conflict, strategy, and evolution. 
      CJ  5400   Criminal Justice Operations and Programs in the 21st Century 2 cr.  Review of contemporary policy issues, programs, and strategies. Assessment of reform measures, and accountability mechanisms. Detailed analysis of present practices within each criminal justice component and investigation of what may be changed in the future. 
Grad Cert Criminal Justice Leadership Required Prerequisite    

   Prerequisite Requirement

      CJ  5010   Criminal Justice Organization and Administration 3 cr.  The organization and management of the various criminal justice agencies throughout the United States. Includes systems of management, substance abuse as a management problem, and systems analyses and their relationships. 
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