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Post-Master's Cert APRN Gerontology Plan of Study

Post-Master's Cert: APRN Gerontology
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Post-Master's Cert: APRN Gerontology


   Certificate Requirements (9 cr. to be chosen)

      NUR 5030   Interdisciplinary Perspectives in Gerontology 2 cr. (Not To Exceed 4 cr.)  Exploration of interdisciplinary perspectives on caring for older adults using a system based approach. Topics to be discussed include resource access and allocation, regulatory guidelines and health policy, ethnogeriatrics, nutrition, vulnerabilities with life transitions, psychology of aging, and end of life care. For those electing four semester hours, a field activity is required which includes a 60 hour interdisciplinary team experience. For those electing three or more semester hours, NFS 2220 or NFS 2270 or equivalent is a prerequisite. 
      NUR 6030   Adv Pharmacologic, Physiologic, And Asmt Considerations in Older Adults 2 cr.  Physiologic manifestations unique to older adults and respective health assessment findings will be explored. Pharmacotherapeutic considerations are integrated throughout. Prerequisite: NUR 5030. 
      NUR 6130   Management of Health Issues in Older Adults 3 cr.  This course focuses on evidence-based APRN management of episodic, chronic, and complex health problems in older adults. Prerequisite NUR 6030. 
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