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MBA Business Administration Plan of Study

MBA Business Administration | MBA Required Prerequisite Sequence
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MBA Business Administration


   Program Requirements (36 cr. to be chosen)


      Foundation Courses (9 cr. to be chosen)

         ACC 5250   Managerial Accounting for Decision Making 3 cr.  Developing and using managerial accounting information to make informed decisions in the areas of planning, controlling, and performance evaluation. Emphasis is placed on budgeting and analyzing cost management systems to enhance administrative and leadership functions, along with improving organizational performance. Prerequisite: ACC 5150. 
         BR  5210   Quantitative Methods for Business Research 3 cr.  Introduction to the practical uses of quantitative and qualitative statistical methods and their applications in business. Emphasis is placed on the collection, analysis, interpretation, and explanation of the data using statistical software. Prerequisite: BR 5200. 
         MIS 5580   Technology Management 3 cr.  Focuses on the use of information systems technology by managers and professionals to improve: organizational performance, project management, personal productivity and competitive advantage. Utilizes different case study scenarios, along with data analytics expertise for effective decision-making. 

      Core Courses (24 cr. to be chosen)

         ECN 6300   Managerial Economics 3 cr.  Examination and application of theoretical and analytical tools that economists use to evaluate the significance of macro- and microeconomic principles on managerial operations and decision making. Emphasizes economic analysis through examination of empirical studies and cases involving actual managerial situations at many levels of commerce, for-profit, non-profit, and government. Areas of analysis include unemployment, inflation, monetary and fiscal policy, the pricing system, capital structure strategies, and government regulations. Prerequisite: ECN 5170. 
         FIN 5650   Business Finance 3 cr.  Exploration of principle financial decisions and financial management strategies of non-financial entities. Topics include present value concepts, short-term cash budgeting and working capital needs, capital budgeting, long-term capital structure planning, and dividend policies. Prerequisite: ACC 5250. 
         INB 6080   Global Business Perspectives 3 cr.  Examination of many issues confronting managers engaged in international business; Particular emphasis is placed on trade and management issues which are analyzed with a political, economic, social/cultural, technological, environmental, legal, and historical contexts. 
         MGT 5570   Strategic Management 3 cr.  Integration and application of the core disciplines of business to enable students to develop effective decision-making skills. Tools and techniques for developing leadership strategy in view of corporate policy and competing stakeholders’ needs and interests are explored. The case study method, strategic plan development and analysis is applied to a cross-section of firms and corporate entities. 
         MGT 5590   Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility 3 cr.  Study of ethical issues and dilemmas facing managers and employees within a business context. Students explore and analyze business ethics relating to the nature of work within organizations and society at large. Through the analysis of case studies and relevant philosophical theories of justice, students will develop skills that would improve value creation and limit short-termism in the corporate ecosystem. 
         MGT 6220   Operations Management 3 cr.  Study and application of operations management principles in manufacturing and service industries. Analyze the management of input through transformational processes to deliver output. Examine the impact of management decisions on the day-to-day running of a company. Review of current literature on the tools and methods employed by the operations managers to manage resources, human capital, plants, and facilities. Develop broad-based expertise in forecasting, process/product design, scheduling, inventory management, statistical process control, and quality management. 
         MGT 6300   Organizational Leadership 3 cr.  Address the challenges faced by for-profit and nonprofit organizations by understanding the unique institutional context and the behavior of individuals within these organizations. Review relevant research related to for-profit and nonprofit organizations, bridging theory and practice to address complex management issues. Examine relevant legal and ethical issues related to organizational theory and human behavior and the implications of such intersection for the modern organization. 
         MKT 5790   Strategic Marketing 3 cr.  Application of strategic management and planning approaches to achieve organization-wide marketing objectives. Specific topics include methods of market analysis and decision making in local and multinational business markets, and contemporary strategic marketing. Application of strategic marketing in for-profit and non-profit organizations are considered. Prerequisite: MKT 5160 or one undergraduate marketing course and MGT 5570. 

      Capstone Sequence (3 cr. to be chosen)

         MBA 6950   MBA Capstone 3 cr.  Serves as a capstone to the MBA program and integrates tools and concepts central to executing strategy in the business entity. Students identify strategic issues in a variety of functional areas and apply appropriate tools and concepts in operational, strategic and global business perspectives. Students evaluate a strategy based problem and design a solution with a clear executable plan. A culminating research project including primary and secondary research is formally presented by the student to School of Business stakeholders. Prerequisites: MGT 5570 and MKT 5790. 
MBA Required Prerequisite Sequence    

   Prerequisite Requirements (9 cr. to be chosen)

      ACC 5150   Financial Accounting 3 cr.  Fundamental principles of external financial reporting emphasizing the accounting concepts, procedures, and standards that guide the preparation, interpretation and reporting of financial accounting information. 
      ECN 5170   Analysis of Economic Conditions 3 cr.  Examination of the overall mechanics of the national economy: components of national income, relationship to the global economy; money, banking, and the central bank; economic cyclical fluctuations; economic growth theories; government’s role in a modern economy; monetary and fiscal policy. Emphasis is placed on current economic conditions, with discussion of national economic policy formation and desirable policies. The impact of international trade and financial flows on the national economy is also explored. 
      MKT 5160   Marketing Essentials 3 cr.  Study of marketing concepts, terminology, and applications. Study of the role and operation of marketing functions and their influence on the organization both internally and externally. 
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