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Essentials of Instruction Plan of Study

Essentials of Instruction: Cert Comp
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Essentials of Instruction: Cert Comp


   Certificate Courses (15 cr. to be chosen)

      EDU 2000   Introduction to Professional Education Experiences 3 cr.  Involves prospective teachers in the real issues of schooling and education, by examining historical and philosophical perspectives of education; attitudes, goals and skills pivotal to the growth of the developing teacher. Emphasizes active involvement in the learning and teaching process. Lab experience in elemtary and secondary school required. 
      EDU 3120   Educational Psychology 3 cr.  Focus on the learning process: role of the teacher in learning; efficiency of learning as it is affected by the developmental processes; psychological principles that are central to the learning process and their relationship to the teaching situation; variables in learning; and evaluation of the outcomes of learning. Application of learning theory and multicultural concepts in a field-based context. Includes a 1 hour field experience (30 clock hours). Prerequisites: PSY 1010 and EDU 2000. 
      EDU 3210   Theory and Principles of Reading Instruction 3 cr.  Study of theory and process in developmentally-appropriate, evidenced-based reading/writing instruction, including language and literacy acquisition, word recognition, comprehension and fluency, vocabulary, methods of instruction and assessment, program development, and planning for differentiated instruction. Prerequisites: PSY 1010, EDU 2000. Prerequisite or corequisite: EDU 3120. 
      EDU 3300   The Exceptional Learner in the Classroom 3 cr.  Development of a working knowledge of the historical perspective of present special education programs, the effects of litigation, and the continuum of special education services. Identifying, evaluating, and differentiating instruction for students with special needs by way of a continuum of services in the least-restrictive environment. Response-to-intervention; positive behavior support; collaboration with school personnel and parents; community resources. Fifteen-clock-hour field experience required. 
      EDU 3460   Instructional Media 3 cr.  Emphasizes the importance of incorporating supporting instruction to educational environments through the use of instructional media to promote integrative learning. Focuses on selecting, critically evaluating, and using appropriate media, including microcomputes, as an integral part of the curriculum to achieve specific learning objectives: locating, preparing and using existing and self made instructional media objectives, materials and lesson plans, and creating an instructional media portfolio for effective classroom presentations. 
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