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Eldercare Practice Plan of Study

Eldercare Practice: Cert Comp
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Eldercare Practice: Cert Comp


   Certificate Courses (14 cr. to be chosen)

      AGE 1070   Introduction to the Aging Experience 3 cr.  Never before in human history have so many people lived into old age. This aging population impacts the aging individual, families, communities, and social policy. An overview of the field of aging, with attention to the cultural, social, psychological, and economic factors which influence the life of the older adult. 
      AGE 2240   Supporting Family Caregivers 2 cr.  An overview of the informal and formal resources available to the caregiver responsible for the mental, physical, and emotional well-being of an aged family member. 
      AGE 3500   Mental Health and the Older Adult 3 cr.  Basic engagement skills for working with older adults. Information and interventions related to common mental health issues in older people. Practice in empathic listening, basic interviewing, and problem-solving skills. Symptoms of some common mental health problems and strategies to obtain help for older individuals with those problems. Includes an academic service-learning experience. 
      AGE 3850   Documentation and Assessment 3 cr.  An overview of documentation and assessment in the field of human services with a strong emphasis on the practice of gerontology. Content includes the biopsychosocial assessment, behaviorally-specific care planning, care management, care path design, and other documentation required in settings that serve older adults. 
      AGE 3900   Care Management for Older Adults 3 cr.  The theory and practice of care management. Content includes the five core functions, development of comprehensive care plans, monitoring of the client's progress toward achieving intervention goals, and discussion of ethical practice standards. The role of diversity, client rights, and professional values in the practice of care management also addressed. 
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