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English Plan of Study

English Major: Bach Arts
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English Major: Bach Arts


   Major Courses (36 cr. to be chosen)

      ENG 2230   World Literature 3 cr.  An introduction to representative literary works, both Western and non-Western, reflecting the distinctive ideals, values, and attitudes of various eras and civilizations. 
      ENG 2700   Critical Writing and Literary Analysis 3 cr.  An introduction to critical writing and literary theory and criticism. Addresses the major frameworks of literary criticism that have emerged in Western critical theory. Prerequisite: WRT 1020. Recommended during second year in major and minor. 
      ENG 3110   American Literature I: Beginnings to the Civil War 3 cr.  A study of American literature from the pre-colonial era to the Civil War, with an overview of relevant forms, genres, and historical contexts. Explores the diverse elements of the American experience during this time period. 
      ENG 3120   American Literature II: The Post-Civil War to the Present 3 cr.  A study of American literature from the Post-Civil War to the present, with an overview of relevant forms, genres, and historical contexts. Explores the changing values and concerns of American society as reflected in its literature from the mid-nineteenth century to twenty-first century. 
      ENG 3630   British Literature I: Medieval to Renaissance 3 cr.  A study of British literature from the early Middle Ages to the late Renaissance. Provides an overview of relevant forms, genres, and historical contexts, including representative works of Old and Middle English as well as Renaissance epic, lyric, and drama. Considers the influences of classical literature, the Reformation, and the English civil war. 
      ENG 3640   British Literature II: Restoration to the Present 3 cr.  A study of British literature from 1667 to the present. An overview of relevant forms, genres, and historical contexts. Explores the Regency, Romantic, Victorian, Modernist, post-Modernist, and contemporary periods. 
      ENG 4450   African American Literature 3 cr.  A study of African American literature including both oral and written traditions. Emphasis is placed on canonical writers and texts in historical context. 
      ENG 4460   Ethnic American Literature 3 cr.  Focus on literature from various minority populations in America. Course content includes, but is not limited to, African American, Asian American, Arab American, Latino American, and Native American authors. Emphasis placed on the unique facets of each type of literature, as well as themes and experiences common to all ethnic groups in America. 
      ENG 4700   Studies in Literature 3 cr.  Saint Leo University Transfer Course 
      ENG 4950   Senior Seminar 3 cr.  Capstone course for senior-level students. Students construct portfolios of their academic and professional work in their respective programs of study, reconsider their liberal arts education, and conduct research on topics in their majors as part of an information fluency curriculum. In keeping with the need for technological literacy, students create electronic portfolios. Must be taken in final twenty hours of the degree program. 

      Major electives (6 cr. to be chosen)

         ENG 2080   Approaches to Grammar 3 cr.  A linguistics course providing an historical sketch of the development of the English language, examining the interplay between theory of language and approaches to the study of grammar. By analyzing English phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, and pragmatics, the course shows the changing nature of language and emphasizes how that change is influenced by politics and culture. The effects of dialect and register on communication in English are explored. Applications to teaching grammar in elementary and secondary settings are examined. 
         ENG 2620   Language and Culture 3 cr.  A study of how and why people communicate in the ways they do. Habitual talking, listening, and writing behaviors of individuals and groups, as well as the influences of home, community, and culture on the language structures and language uses of individuals. Culture, as it influences linguistic preference, is considered, along with methods of semiotic and discursal analysis. 
         ENG 3030   Children's Literature and Drama (COM/ENG*) 3 cr.  A study of the world of children’s literature and the history of children’s literature with a focus on classic and contemporary works. Materials selected with reference to the interest, needs, and abilities of children. 
         ENG 3500   Studies in Women's Literature 3 cr.  A study of literature written by and about women, with consideration of critical approaches that have been formulated by women within relevant historical contexts. Texts explore women’s search for independence and fulfillment. 
         ENG 4040   Literature for Young Adults (EDU/ENG*) 3 cr.  An overview of various genres of multicultural contemporary literature written for and marketed to young adults. Addresses major authors, illustrators, research and current controversies in young adult literature. Examines strategies for teaching young adult literature at the middle and secondary school levels. 
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