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Ed.S. Educational Leadership Plan of Study

Ed.S. Educational Leadership
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Ed.S. Educational Leadership


   Program Requirements (30 cr. to be chosen)


      Education Foundation Core (21 cr. to be chosen)

         EDU 7110   Strategic Planning and Program Assessment 3 cr.  Application-oriented, hands-on experience in the use of Organizational Results and Needs Assessments to facilitate the creation of a Strategic Plan with an organization. Examination of theory and application of foundational research as well as the skills necessary for effective strategic planning and needs assessment. 
         EDU 7210   Leading Teaching and Learning 3 cr.  Strategies to evaluate the development, implementation, and assessment of curriculum and subsequent instructional practices that foster teacher empowerment to grow and lead individually and collectively toward the goal of increased student achievement and a vibrant school learning environment. 
         EDU 7310   Leadership in Data-Driven Decision Making 3 cr.  The theoretical and practical application of the data-driven decision making process: what data to use, how to collect the data, how to interpret and make meaning of the data within a group process, how to make decisions based on the data within a group process, and how to present the data-driven decision to stakeholders. 
         EDU 7410   Collaboration and Consultation for Community Engagement 3 cr.  The knowledge, dispositions, performances, and skills necessary for consultation and collaboration with all stakeholders, including members of the organization and community. Focus on evidence-based consultation and collaborative skills and processes to engage diverse organizational and community members in shared ownership of problems and solutions. 
         EDU 7510   Leadership: Vision into Action 3 cr.  Theoretical knowledge and skills necessary to apply a vision into action for district-level and organizational leadership, conflict resolution, and decision making, to identify and support continued and sustainable improvement strategies. The course synthesizes knowledge and skills developed throughout the Ed.S. program. 
         EDU 7610   School Finance and Resource Allocation 3 cr.  The educational funding system and the framework for effective fiscal and staffing decisions designed to obtain optimal student outcomes. Specific focus is placed on how these finance reforms affect educational standards of quality. A lens of student achievement and resource value is at the district level and used when strategically planning resource allocation. 
         EDU 7710   Legal and Ethical Issues in Educational Policy 3 cr.  The knowledge, skills, and dispositions necessary for sound district and organization managerial policies and practices. The focus is to ensure stewardship for every individual’s success by modeling ethical behavior and legal principles in decision making. Problem solving through case studies and simulations, evaluating strategies to prevent difficulties related to moral and legal issues, making prudent judgments, and developing resiliency to support core values in the face of adversity. 

      Elective Course (3 cr. to be chosen)

         EDU 5060   Research and Educational Practice 3 cr.  A focus on the knowledge and skills needed by educators to understand, evaluate, and use research. Critical analysis of the major principles of teaching and classroom learning. Applying research skills to researching and critically analyzing recent trends and traditional theories in the field of education. 
         EDU 5350   Organizational Leadership and HR Management 3 cr.  An examination of multiple approaches to the study of educational organizations, emphasizing organizational theory applications to improve decision-making and organizational outcomes. Human behavior in educational organizations is analyzed in light of the moral and ethical dimensions of leadership education. The nature of organizations and the roles of personnel are examined with regard to the political climate, human resource legal requirements, professional development, and educator evaluation. 
         EDU 6270   Leadership in Technology 3 cr.  Prepares students to provide technology leadership, including strategic planning, purchasing, and evaluation at the district level. Design and delivery of professional development opportunities for in-service teachers. Emphasis on district-level curriculum alignment, program evaluation, and resource management. Social and ethical issues are addressed. 

      Clinical Internship Exper (6 cr. to be chosen)

         EDU 7930   Internship in Organizational Leadership 4 cr.  Supervised experiences (220 hours) within a district or organization, providing context to apply and practice leadership skills. The activities embedded in the course build on academic and experiential learning and offer deeper growth opportunities in leadership through self-reflection and guided reflection of practice outcomes. 
         EDU 7950   Action Research Project 2 cr.  Critical inquiry and collabration within the internship experience through action research. Students design and conduct action research projects to improve educational outcomes of interest. 
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