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Occupational Education Certification
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Occupational Education Certification


   OEC Course (6 cr. to be chosen)

      RDG 5520   Reading Process, Assessment, and Instruction for Secondary Teachers 3 cr.  This course satisfies Michigan Department of Education requirement for Professional Certification; it is not part of the literacy education master’s degree program. Course content emphasizes the importance of ongoing assessment to appropriately differentiate instruction for diverse students in any secondary classroom. Field experiences provide opportunities to administer assessments in the following areas: interest inventories; English language learning and language expression and processing; visual and auditory discrimination; phonemic awareness; phonics; fluency; spelling and writing; and vocabulary and comprehension. Students learn instructional strategies needed to effectively develop these critical literacy-related areas. Prerequisite: secondary teacher certification. 

      Recommended OEC Courses (3 cr. to be chosen)

         EDU 3300   The Exceptional Learner in the Classroom 3 cr.  Development of a working knowledge of the historical perspective of present special education programs, the effects of litigation, and the continuum of special education services. Identifying, evaluating, and differentiating instruction for students with special needs by way of a continuum of services in the least-restrictive environment. Response-to-intervention; positive behavior support; collaboration with school personnel and parents; community resources. Fifteen-clock-hour field experience required. 
         EDU 4250   Literacy Education in the Secondary School 4 cr.  Introduction to the theoretical foundation for teaching reading and writing as cognitive processes essential for higher cognitive thinking, critical literacy, and mastery of the content areas taught in middle schools and high schools. Emphasis is placed on the principles, techniques, and processes of evidence-based literacy instruction to enable students to be independent, strategic learners in the secondary schools. Application of learned principles and practices in a one-on-one teaching situation. Lecture 3 hours, laboratory 1 hour. Prerequisites: EDU 3120 and admission to the Teacher Education Program. 
         EDU 4400   Behavior Management in the Classroom 2 cr.  Focus on understanding the role of the teacher in facilitating change in the classroom; the nature of, and factors affecting student behavior; the investigation and evaluation of classroom management models; and strategies for handling disruptive student behavior, with emphasis on prevention of classroom problems. Application of classroom management strategies, anti-bullying and classroom/student interventions in actual problem situations. Prerequisites: EDU 3120 and admission to the Teacher Education Program. 
         EDU 4450   Foundations of Vocational Education 2 cr.  Principles of vocational education; understanding the learning process in the vocational education classroom, particularly as applied to work-based learning; working with individual differences (developmental, cultural, motivational) as students are guided to increasingly complex work-based learning. Prerequisites: EDU 3120, EDU 3300, and admission to the Teacher Education Program. 
         EDU 4800   Foundations of Education 3 cr.  The study of the scope and nature of education, primarily at the elementary and secondary levels, in the United States, as reflected in the historical, political, economic, sociological, and philosophical forces affecting the school and other social institutions, with emphasis on the origins and evolution of various current educational practices, policies, and issues. Prerequisites: EDU 2000 and 3120 and admission to the Teacher Education Program. 
         EDU 4180   Education Workshop 1 cr. (Not To Exceed 4 cr.)   
         EDU 4190   Education Workshop 1 cr. (Not To Exceed 4 cr.)  Select Topics covered in Teacher Education 
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