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Community Leadership Plan of Study

Community Leadership: Cert Comp | Community Leadership - Recommended Support: Cert Comp
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Community Leadership: Cert Comp


   Certificate Courses (13 cr. to be chosen)

      SOC 1020   Introduction to Sociology 3 cr.  Foundations and principles of social order, social control, social institutions, and social life in America and other cultures. Focus on how people’s conditions, character, and life chances are influenced by organizations and institutions. Emphasis on critical thinking about practices and beliefs in a variety of social contexts. 
      SOC 1300   Introduction to Community Leadership 1 cr.  Examination of various avenues to civic involvement and their importance in maintaining civil society, with an introduction to the communitarian philosophy and to principles and best practices in service-learning. Designed to prepare students to get the most out of their community service experiences. This course includes a 15-hour academic service-learning experience. 
      SOC 3120   Diversity, Discrimination, and Social Justice 3 cr.  Issues of diversity, discrimination, and social justice with particular attention given to institutions that provide human services (sociology, criminal justice, nursing, gerontology, social work, psychology, education): how marginalized populations (e.g. race/ethnicity, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, social class, medical/mental disability) are socially constructed; how these groups have been affected in the contexts of social stratification; institutional and structural discrimination; how economic, political, and cultural systems pose challenges to these marginalized groups; exploration of possible solutions. 
      SOC 4890   Seminar in Community Leadership 3 cr.  To prepare student for active civic engagement and eventual leadership. Purposeful civic learning through the student’s service learning leadership placement and the creation of a Community Leadership Portfolio. Analysis of the role of civic engagement and community involvement in the maintenance of civil society. This course includes a 30-hour academic service-learning experience. Prerequisites: SOC 1300, SOC 3120, SOC 3420. 
      SW  4700   Practice Methods IV: Communities (SOC/SW*) 3 cr.  Fourth in a sequence of four methods courses grounded in the generalist model of social work practice. Examines perspectives and structures of community, focusing on oppression, discrimination, poverty, marginalization, alienation, factors of diversity and difference as well as sources of privilege and power as they impact social wellbeing. Emphasizes the application of planned change processes at the community level in response to changing contexts and needs to promote social and economic justice, and to advance the equitable distribution of basic human rights and resources. Prerequisite: SW 4350 for Social Work Students or SOC 1020 for all other students. 
Community Leadership - Recommended Support: Cert Comp    

   Recommended Support (3 cr. to be chosen)

      RST 3100   Franciscan Values, Social Justice, and Service 3 cr.  Study of the life and legacy of Francis of Assisi as a prism for exploring social justice issues and the key Franciscan values not only essential to the Catholic perspective on the world and human existence, but also relevant to the perspectives of other religious traditions of the world. Analysis of the implications for addressing ecological responsibility and the call to justice, peace, and respect for all persons. 
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