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Private Investigation Plan of Study

Private Investigation: Cert Comp
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Private Investigation: Cert Comp


   Certificate Courses (15 cr. to be chosen)

      CJ  1020   Introduction to Criminal Justice 3 cr.  An overview of the criminal justice system in the United States. The history of law enforcement; the political, sociological, and philosophic background of police functions, the courts and corrections system; constitutional problems as they relate to the police function; and the use of recent technology in criminal justice is explored. 
      CJ  1240   Introduction to Private Investigation 3 cr.  An overview of the private investigation industry, including but not limited to employment opportunities, history/evolution, methods and management of private investigation, sources of information, investigative technology, and ethical and public policy considerations related to private investigations. 
      CJ  2350   American Judicial Process (CJ*/PSC) 3 cr.  Analysis of the American state and federal court systems; history, traditions, and philosophy underlying the American system of justice; legal systems and law; court structures and roles: judges, prosecutors, attorneys, litigants; and the adjudication process: arrest to arraignment, trials, juries, and sentencing. 
      CJ  4150   Criminal Investigation (CJ*/FOR) 3 cr.  Integration of principles and procedures of criminal investigation; conduct at a crime scene; search, collection, and preservation of evidence; interviewing; methods used in crime laboratories; and planning for effective courtroom participation. Prerequisite: CJ 1020. 
      CJ  4450   Interviewing and Investigative Report Writing 3 cr.  The art of interviewing and interrogation and the comprehensive skills necessary for the integration and documentation of information that is obtained from a wide variety of sources. Prerequisite: CJ 1020. 
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