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Activity and Program Planning Plan of Study

Activity and Program Planning: Cert Achieve | Activity and Program Planning - Prerequisite: Cert Achieve
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Activity and Program Planning: Cert Achieve


   Certificate Courses (31 cr. to be chosen)

      WRT 1010   College Composition I 3 cr.  Study and practice of strategies for academic writing, with a focus on writing and reading descriptive, narrative, and expository essays. Emphasis on writing as a process. Introduction to information literacy. Prerequisite: placement by Madonna University Writing Assessment Program. (Does not apply to any major or minor in the Language, Literature, Communication, and Writing department.) 
      AGE 1070   Introduction to the Aging Experience 3 cr.  Never before in human history have so many people lived into old age. This aging population impacts the aging individual, families, communities, and social policy. An overview of the field of aging, with attention to the cultural, social, psychological, and economic factors which influence the life of the older adult. 
      AGE 2010   Introduction to Alzheimer's Disease and Other Dementias (AGE*/PSY) 1 cr.  An overview of Alzheimer's disease and other causes of dementia in older adults. Topics include diagnosis and current approaches to managing these diseases. Course must precede AGE 3460. 
      AGE 3020   Program Development for Adult Education and Events (AGE*/EDU) 3 cr.  Prepares students to design programs that respond to the learning potential and learning needs of older adults. Application of a comprehensive planning methodology which includes needs assessment, marketing, budgeting, optimal learning environment, learning objectives, lesson plans, and delivery strategies. 
      AGE 3070   Psychology of Midlife and Aging (AGE*/PSY) 3 cr.  What does it really mean to be a grown up? Examine adult psychological development from midlife to later years, including behavior and coping strategies as well as the cognitive, personality, and intellectual changes that occur with aging. Prerequisite: PSY 1010. 
      AGE 3100   Enriching Life in Later Years 3 cr.  Exploration of strategies to identify meaningful pursuits in later life and methods of facilitating life enrichment in a variety of settings with individuals of all levels of ability. Students apply concepts, theories, resources, engagement strategies, and standards of practice for successful activity programs. 
      AGE 3150   How and Why the Body Ages 3 cr.  Study processes that affect normal aging of the human body, as well as age-related chronic diseases. Examination of strategies that contribute to health and vitality into later life. Focus on life choices through the life span to promote positive responses to physical aging. 
      AGE 3500   Mental Health and the Older Adult 3 cr.  Basic engagement skills for working with older adults. Information and interventions related to common mental health issues in older people. Practice in empathic listening, basic interviewing, and problem-solving skills. Symptoms of some common mental health problems and strategies to obtain help for older individuals with those problems. Includes an academic service-learning experience. 
      AGE 3850   Documentation and Assessment 3 cr.  An overview of documentation and assessment in the field of human services with a strong emphasis on the practice of gerontology. Content includes the biopsychosocial assessment, behaviorally-specific care planning, care management, care path design, and other documentation required in settings that serve older adults. 
      AGE 4760   Internship in Aging Studies 4 cr.  Professionally supervised practical experience (225 clock hours) in organizations that provide services and opportunities to benefit older adults. Must be taken concurrently with AGE 4770, Professional Development Seminar. 
      AGE 4770   Professional Development Seminar 2 cr.  Uses the internship experience to apply principles of professional values, ethics, communication, and relationships. Students learn concepts in conflict resolution, leadership, and capacity building. In addition they apply job search strategies and activities. Must be taken concurrently with AGE 4760, Internship in Aging Studies. 
Activity and Program Planning - Prerequisite: Cert Achieve    

   Prerequisite Course (3 cr. to be chosen)

      PSY 1010   General Psychology 3 cr.  Describes the major systems, central issues and historical development of modern psychology. Introduces basic principles in sensation, perception, cognition, learning, memory, language, emotion, motivation, personality organization, and social process. 
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